Build the career, life, and style of your dreams.

Select from four packages, each with two video sessions to help creative smart girls clarify and establish their digital presence, identify their unique personal style, and launch that amazing idea the world needs now!

Available Packages:

Digitize Thyself

Digitize Thyself includes: (2) 60-minute Skype/Google+ Hangout video calls, Digitize thyself audit worksheet, & Digitize thyself checklist.

You’re aware the Internet is an amazing tool to get your message to a global audience but you have no idea where to start. Should you start a website? Should you start blogging? How can you use social media to connect to an audience? Through our sessions I will ensure you learn how to digitize thyself. You will leave with a clear message, a name that best represents you, a content and visual strategy to amplify your message and a clear understanding of your true influence to maximize your impact.

You will:

  • Gain clarity on your expertise & message
  • Establish/revamp your social media presence
  • Develop a Content strategy
  • Develop a Visual Strategy
  • Tap into your influence for the most impact

Idea to Launch

Idea to Launch includes:  (2) 60-minute Skype/Google+ Hangout video calls, Idea Clarity worksheet, and Idea to Launch checklist.

You have brilliant ideas. They’re the first thing you think about in the morning and the last thing you think about at night. You really want to launch your idea but you have no idea where to start? You’re concerned about starting from the bottom and over-saturation. Through my sessions I will show you how to get clarity on your idea, secure an online presence for your idea, establish a road map to go from idea to launch, and lay the foundation for sustainability.

You Will:

  • Clarify your idea
  • Secure online presence
  • Establish your road map to go from idea to launch
  • Lay the foundation for sustainability

Style Starter

Style Starter includes: (2) 60 minutes Skype/Google+ Hangout video calls, Style Starter worksheet, & Style Starter checklist.

Within 7 seconds of meeting you, people make a judgment about you. You’re CREATIVE! You’re SMART. You’re building your dreams from the ground up. Most days you feel in charge and on top of the world because you keep knocking things out of the ballpark. There is no reason you should be anxious before your next event or next photo shoot because you’re not sure about your look. Style is a major part of your personal brand, and a major confidence builder. Look your best, feel your best, be your best. Through my sessions I will ensure you clarify your style message, find consistent style inspiration, build a solid style foundation, learn how to shop online, and learn how to pull a look all the way together.

You will:

  • Determine your style message 
  • Find Style Inspiration
  • Build Your Style Foundation
  • Learn how to shop online 
  • Learn how to pull a look together from start to finish

Management Mentor

Management Mentor includes: (2) 60-minute Skype/Google+ Hangout video calls, Management Goals worksheet, Management Success checklist, Digitize Thyself, & Style Starter.

You have a full time job while chasing your dream of being a full time entrepreneur. While a full time job may be a burden to others you see it as an opportunity to learn and grow and you. You’re a leader at your company and you see yourself moving into upper management. Through my sessions I will show you how to develop a management philosophy, set clear management goals, develop a promotion strategy, digitize yourself, with a style to match.

We Will:

  • Define Your Management Philosophy
  • Set clear management goals
  • Develop a promotion strategy