The Story

It started with a blog post, a twitter hashtag, and a Twitter chat. After five years of blogging and not really reaching my goals, I wrote a blog post about how difficult building an online brand truly is. The response blew me away and connected me to my audience. 

I decided to start the CreativeSmartGirl twitter hashtag and the monthly twitter chat to discuss solutions to some of our most challenging obstacles.  Today, the chat reaches about 2 million people.  Now, I’m ready to solve even more of your problems through content, services, products, and live experiences. 


Who We Are

We are a digital company for the dreamers and the doers. We get things done to help ambitious, creative and smart women get things done. It’s that simple. We envision a world where everyone has the life they’ve always dreamed of because they did the work to get there. 

Our Mission

To help you have an impact by maintaining control of your life, thriving in your career/biz, and slaying in your heels. It ain’t easy but someone’s got to do it and that someone might as well be you. 

We Work by These Principles:


We embrace creativity in all things. No matter what obstacles we may face we know that every challenge can be overcome with a bit of creativity.


Has been a powerful strategic part of our plans. By working with other amazing women and their brands we simultaneously widen our reach while adding value to each other’s brands.  


We care about you deeply. We understand that behind very brand, every blog posts, every picture, and social media post there is a real person with real dreams and a tremendous about of heart. It’s with this deep care that we craft our content, services, products, and live experiences. 


We reject self-doubt, comparison, and stress. We will move confidently in the direction of our dreams. 


We do the work with integrity and authenticity. We’re committed to being people of strong character.


Plus we have a community of the most ambitious, creative and smart potential collaborators for you. I’m sure you’ll fit right in.