Over-the-Knee Socks

over the knee socks I wanted to sop in quacking and share one of my fall/winter style must-haves. Hopefully you've already snagged a pair of over the knee boots for under $50, but the secret to pulling off a great over-the-knee boot is a great pair of over-the-knee socks. Seriously, this is my secret weapon for casual stylish looks in the fall and winter. I've used them in an outfit here, here, and here. They are an affordable way to add an extra layer of chicness to your outfit. They also give you that extra level of warmth so necessary in the coming months.

Hope you're having an amazing week so far!!








Chevron Skirt x Faux Fur Vest

IMG_4185 IMG_4196









Happy Cyber Monday!! Hope you had the most amazing thanksgiving ever! I'm so grateful for my family, friends and readers for the support that you've shown. It's been five years, but this year felt like year one all over again. It's truly a privilege to create content that others can relate to. Thank you!! I'm so excited for 2016 and bringing to life more amazing content, products, and services. Coming soon!!

Today is also a really important day in my 9-5 world. Cyber Monday is usually the day the company sprints out of the red and we can finally breathe easy about the financial stability of the company for at least the next year. It's exciting but exhausting for those of us trying to make sure the day we spent the last 9 months preparing for actually goes off without a hitch. Happy to report things are going smoothly so far.

If you're on the hunt for a few stylish pieces today, check out H&M for up to 40% off, Forever21 for 21% off, ZARA for 40% off select items, and ASOS for 30% off everything.

The 70s aesthetic is often a fall fav. What's more 70s than a chevron skirt, platform heels, a turtle neck and faux fur vest? I can't think of anything else. I shot this near Prospect Park here in Brooklyn on a perfect fall day. The way the sunlight hit the fall foliage was just everything!! It's the little things.

Hope you guys are having an amazing Cyber Monday!! Time to get back to work.

Skirt: (similar) Faux Fur Vest: (similar) Shoes: (similar) Turtle Neck: (similar)

Neutral November: Greys

IMG_4635 IMG_4701









Brittany of Brillance of B reached out to me to participate in her #neutralnovember style challenge. The challenge is all about the basics! It focuses on maximizing neutral colors in your wardrobe. While summer feels like an explosion of color, fall and winter are perfect for neutral and monochromatic looks. So this challenge was right up my alley.

This grey sweater dress is a staple in my fall wardrobe, I've worn it here on the blog last year. The coat is one of my best scores from Forever21 ever. Together the dress and the coat are magic, I added my metallic silver pumps and the look was complete.

Side note: I can't believe it's almost the end of November. Except for this being a crazy busy time for me at work, this is really my favorite time I year. I can't wait to Thursday to get in some quality time with my family.

Hope this is your best week ever!

Coat: Forever21 (similar) Sweater Dress: Victoria's Secret (similar) Shoes: Forever21 (similar)

10 Holiday Party Dresses for Under $100

unnamed-14 We are officially in the holiday season. Thanksgiving is literally next week, I can't believe it. For me the holiday season has taken on a life of it's own and all I really think about is remaining sane while trying to deliver a successful season. For the rest of you I hope the holidays are filled with glamorous parties and many fun times with your loved ones.

Those glamorous parties and fun times will definitely call for a great holiday party dress. Whether it's a company holiday party of the holiday tun up with your girls there perfect dresses at a great price is only a few clicks away. I've listed some of my faves for you below. Here are 10 holiday party dresses for under $100:

1. H&M 2. H&M 3. H&M 4. ASOS 5. ASOS 6. ASOS 7. ASOS 8. ASOS 9. Forever21 10. Forever21

10 Over-the-Knee Boots for Under $50

unnamedboots It's that time of year again! Boot season. Of all our boot options, the over-the-knee boot reigns supreme. If you want your boot game to be fire for rest of the year, then they are a must. They're great for casual looks or you can dress them up. I've collected quite a few boots over the years, but my favorites here, and, here just happen to be over-the-knee. Aren't they cute!?

I absolutely adore the black pair. Some of my favorite looks here, here, and here include them. The brown pair is so chic with socks and a fall color story! I love it!

There are so many options at great prices this season. Here are 10 over-the-knee for under $50:

1. Lola's Shoetique 2. UrbanOg 3. Lola's Shoetique 4. UrbanOg 5. UrbanOg 6. UrbanOg 7. UrbanOg 8. UrbanOg 9. JustFab 10. JustFab

10 Camel Coats for Under $100

unnamed-11 Camel is one of the must have colors for the fall season. Anything camel will do but a camel coat is the go to camel item. For the longest time it was incredibly difficult to find a camel coat at an accessible price. This is the first season I've seen so many options at great price points.

I was able to get one last year and I got so many questions about where to find one. So this is your chance to get in there early and snatch a camel coat before the reasonably priced ones are all sold out. Don't say I didn't warn you.

1. Notched Lapel Duster Coat 2. Longline Wool-Blend Coat 3. Faux Fur-Trimmed Duster Coat 4. Unstructured Bouclé Topcoat 5. Wool-Blend Coat 6. H&M Short Coat 7. ASOS Cape With Funnel Neck 8. ASOS New Look Inspire Tailored Coat 9. ASOS Belted Coat With Oversized Hood 10. ASOS Coat With Deep Faux Fur Collar

Get The Look: Jeans x Plaid Flannel Shirt

unnamed (5) Its casual Mondays! I love this look because it's super accessible for the #creativesmartgirl on the go and for under $100. It's sometimes much easier to get all dressed up than it is to pull off a casual chic look. This is the perfect option for when you don't want to dress up but still want to look chic. Jeans, plaid flannel shirt, t-shirt and boots.

You can easily wear to get out of the house and get work done. Whether it's to a local cafe or a shared work space, grab yourself a refreshing snack and get to work.

The plaid shirt is just a chic addition to the classic jeans and a t-shirt. It's rare that I wear just jeans and a T-shirt. I know it’s supposed to be the foundation of everything but I don't always love how it looks when I wear it.

I loved the boots with the white socks. Socks are such an important accessory this time of year and can really make a look. I'll have to dedicate a post to socks very soon.

Enjoy trying this look.

Jeans: Forever21

T-shirt: Forever21

Flannel Shirt: Walmart

Boots: http: Target











Mini-Dress x Rachel Stewart Jewelry

unnamed (4) I like to keep things under $100, but today I made an exception because I love Rachel Stewart Jewelry so much. I first stumbled on Rachel's story in the Root article about her designs being stolen by Asian E-Commerce sites. Once I checked out her work, I fell in love and I was furious for her. Rachel on the other hand was so sweet and positive about the situation.

Although she was going through something very frustrating and difficult she remained positive and even joined us for a Twitter Chat I hosted back in August. Of course, I had to support Rachel and made my first purchase, the 'Young Gifted & Black' earrings. To know me is to know how much I love Nina Simone's 'Young Gifted and Black' so the gold pair just spoke to me. It's definitely one of my favorite items! I absolutely love it!

The entire look was pretty easy to pull together and perfect for this time of year for everything from a date to a girls hangout.

Dress: ASOS

Boots: Urbanog

Earrings: Rachel Stewart Jewelry

Have fun trying this look.











17 Items to Borrow from Your Boyfriend's Closet

17 Items to Steal from Your Boyfriend this Fall
17 Items to Steal from Your Boyfriend this Fall

I'm notorious for borrowing items from my loved ones closets. I'm not ashamed. I hope my mother isn't reading this, she's probably still mad about something I borrowed from her closet last week. It's time to move on mom. Ideally, I would have a two-story closet for clothes and shoes. A girl can dream, right? No worries, in that ideal you'll be invited to come over and borrow anything you'd like from my closet. I'm so serious. I've my dreamed of a community closet that we can all borrow clothes from. I mean if our favorite celebrities borrow clothing why can we do the same?

No closet is off limits to me, that includes brothers, boyfriends, or husbands. LOL. It's the perfect time of year to make use of the cute things your boyfriend has in his closet. Fall is all about the layers and the over sized. Why go shopping, when you can shop his closet for all things layers and over sized? You can find essentials from hoodies to socks in what looks like that black hole of a closet. I've created a guide to help you start shopping his closet. Here are 17 items to borrow from your boyfriend:

1. The Hoodie 2. Sweatshirt 3. Oversized Cardigan 4. Knit Sweater 5. Hat 6. Scarf 7. Jeans 8. Socks 9. Men's Shirt 10. Oversized Coat 11. T-shirts 12. Vests 13. Denim Shirt 14. Flannel Plaid Shirt 15. Joggers 16. Bomber Jacket 17. Biker Jacket

Wiggle Dress x Classic Black Pumps

unnamed (3) Can you believe this dress is only $24.19!? It was almost $85. Talk about a score!! ASOS knows how to have a sale. Whenever there is an ASOS sale, I take my time searching through all the pages and for the best deals. That usually serves me well.

I just love ASOS Wiggle dresses. They have so many great Wiggle dress options. The length, the pattern, and the cutout back are just gorgeous. Plus, it really accentuates all the right curves. WIN!! It's still on sale and linked below!!

If you don't know where to wear the dress to, here are some options:

1. Date Night 2. Church 3. A Creative Meeting

Have fun trying this look!!!

Dress: ASOS Pumps: Forever21











Get the look for Under $100: Pencil Skirt & Plaid Shirt

look for less You don't have to break the bank to be chic! I believe that every girl can create the style of her dreams regardless of her financial status or body type. Most of the looks I've shared on the blog are under $100. I'm really excited to introduce this as the new direction for my outfit posts.

I know when you look your best, you feel your best and looking your best shouldn't cost a small fortune. I love great deals and I'm always looking to find them so why not share them with you guys. This look is so easy to pull off, I chose to wear it with heels but it can be easily dressed down with a cute pair of flats.

Skirt: ASOS Plaid Flannel Shirt: Walmart Tank Top: Forever21 Shoes: Forever21








Dashiki & Thigh High Boots

IMG_3097 IMG_3098












Happy Monday!! I woke up Saturday morning to more Twitter notifications than usual. To my surprise people were sharing 'what does hard work look like, anyway?' and sending me really encouraging messages. I wrote that piece in such a sad and discouraged moment.

It was incredible to see that I was not alone. That was the entire purpose of that post, to let other creatives know they are not alone. The creative struggle gets ugly, but hang in there. It good to know my hard work looks a lot like other people's hard work.

Today, I'm wearing the controversial Dashiki. There has been a debate floating around social media in recent weeks about the appropriation of African culture by black Americans. I'm not African and I'm not a black American, so I've refrained from the debate. I do know that it's complex and nuanced. Two things social media doesn't know how to do. It's also very clear that the black Diaspora borrows and share culture. It's one of the things that make us unique.

I identify as black. For me indulging in the cultures of the Diaspora is about my pure unadulterated love for blackness. Not an othering love, but a love that helps me breathe. A love that helps me BE. A love that helps me connect.

Would you wear the Dashiki? Why or why not?

Dashiki: Street Vendor Boots: H&M s/o (similar)

Black Pants x Tunic

IMG_3620 IMG_3626







Happy Friday! Question time!! Are you willing to risk it all for what you believe in? By risk it all, I mean give up all the comforts and security you have to go after something you believe in. For example, moving across the country for that job or for love. To leave the comfort of supportive family and friends to go where you are completely uncomfortable.

I believe there are moments in all of our lives that require us to choose between the comfortable and the uncomfortable. To do the thing that most of the people around us would support and cheer on or do the thing that would cause you to be the gossip of the moment for most people in your circle.

It's easy when you are not in someone else's shoes to say what you would or wouldn't do but life has taught me that you never know what decisions you will be forced to make and under what circumstances.

It's much harder to go against the grain.

I'm so inspired by anyone who says this is great, but I want something more or I want something different. Yes, things might go completely wrong but in those moments you become a better you.

Of course, it may not be that simple. If and when things go wrong all the people that really love and support will be there to catch you without judgment and shame.

Cheers to the believers!

Let's talk about the fact that I'm not smiling in any of these pictures!! That's what happens when your best friend is shooting you and encouraging you to serve face. I love this tunic! It was great for the summer but just as chic for fall.

One of the things I enjoy most about style blogging is the fact that it makes me look much cooler than I actually am. I probably shouldn't be saying that, but it's the truth. I'm cool but my style is way cooler.

Have a great weekend!!

Tunic: Forever21 Pants: H&M Jacket:Borrowed from bae. (H&M)

Shorts & Thigh Highs

IMG_3012 IMG_3079










Happy Tuesday!!

It's been a long road but I finally settled on the perfect tagline/focus for the GlamSavvy Life. Allow me to re-introduce myself...welcome to the GlamSavvy Life...the place to be for the Creative Smart Girl.

It took me a very long time to get here. In the beginning it was Be Glamorous Be Savvy, then we moved away from a tagline all together, then it was the Inspiration Hub for Stylish and Smart Millennials, most recently it was the Inspiration Hub for Stylish and Smart Millennials seeking Creative Careers. They were unclear and too wordy. I needed to narrow things down.

I just had to get really clear about who I am and who are you trying to reach. Ultimately, I'm a creative smart girl and I want to reach other creative smart girls. It's short, sweet and to the point. I really hope I don't hate it in a few weeks, pray for me.

Trying to build a brand from the ground up is tough. I definitely don't have it all figured out. I'm also committed to sharing the struggles with other #creativesmartgirls. If just one girl can come to this space and it helps her live a creative and smart life, my work is done. As my favorite t-shirt says, 'the Best is yet to come.'

Fall is here, that means its time to breakout the thigh high boots of course. It is that interesting time of year when you can rock your summer pieces with some of your fall/winter favs and not look completely out of your mind.

Layering is one of the keys to transitioning from summer to fall in style. I live for it! It's going to be a fun fall fashion season.

What do you think for the new tagline and what are you most looking forward to for fall fashion?

Shorts: Forever21 s/o (similar) Boots: H&M s/o (similar) Graphic Tee: Forever21 s/o (similar) Plaid Shirt: Walmart

Vintage Dress + Denim Jacket

IMG_2516 IMG_2473











Happy Tuesday! I've shared that I recently had a few epiphanies. One being about simply moving things forward. You have to ask yourself everyday, what can I do to move things forward for my business or just for goals I've set for myself? There is literally always something can that be done.

I've qualified that a bit more with another epiphany. What can only I do to move my business forward? If there are things that someone else can do, then let them do it! My time should be dedicated to only what I can do. This is the only way to ensure growth and protect my sanity.

About the look. I have a thing for vintage dresses. My closet is almost half vintage dresses or vintage inspired dresses. While I've been trying new things to shake up my style, it's nice to know exactly what your staples are. A vintage dress and a denim jacket are definitely staples in my book. I adore the floral detail on this dress and the denim jacket adds a modern twist to the look.

Dress: Vintage (similar)

Denim Jacket: Forever21

Shoes: old (similar)

Crochet Lace Skirt + Bright Blouse

IMG_2612 IMG_2679









Happy Monday!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I spent most of mine writing and preparing for the week. As an operations manager it's my job to put processes and systems in place to help an operation run as efficiently as possible. That is exactly what I'm trying to do for the GlamSavvy Life, it's not easy but I'm hopeful that things will fall into place with time.

I spent some time watching Marie Forleo videos this weekend and she shared something really poignant in an interview. The difference between what's urgent and what's important. According to Marie the work that's important is usually quiet and the urgent work is really loud. She pointed out how easy it is to get caught up in the loud work, the emails, the social media, comparison and all the other distractions on the internet.

YASSS, Marie!! The quiet work is where the magic happens, it's the work that makes the loud work possible. Ignore the loud work and get to the quiet work of writing, content planning, and community building. Every day you have to do what's important and ignore what's urgent. You will always get the things that's urgent done because it's urgent, so leave it for the end of the day. Best advice I've heard in a very long time.

Any who, on to this look. Last week I experimented a bit with the looks for the blog, but today my look is a bit more of my bread and butter. Classic with a bit of a twist. Love the crochet lace skirt and the bright blouse. So chic. I added the colorful faux snake skin pumps and gold accessories.

Have a wonderful week! Focus on what's important!

Skirt: Forever21 Blouse: Forever21 s/o (similar) Shoes: ASOS Clutch: Forever21 s/o (similar)

Vintage Jacket & Bright Skirt

IMG_2873 IMG_2901










This is my farewell to summer look. It's been fun summer!! It's still relatively warm in NYC but I'm looking forward to fall weather and more importantly fall fashion.

It feels amazing to get back to blogging consistently. Taking a two-week vacation really disrupted my momentum but I'm happy I did it. It was a great recharge for the insane three months about to have. It also allowed me some time to really clarify the next phase for this site and my business. I am beyond excited about what's next.

I'm building the site and business of my dreams with an authentic vision to serve smart and stylish millennials seeking creative careers. It's the site I've always wanted. I'm doing it strategically from the heart with the intention and focus I've never had before. I'm ready!!!

I've had some really huge epiphanies recently and it's helped to make everything clearer. I'm not going to talk about it too much because I'm more focused on doing than talking these days. I'm just way too excited. Coming soon.

Anyway, it's Friday! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Enjoy.

Jacket: Vintage Skirt: H&M s/o (similar) Shoes: Gifted (similar) Bag: Vintage (similar)

Longline Tank & Oxblood Pants

IMG_2812 IMG_2778








Whenever someone asks me a question about personal style I try to stress the importance of not boxing yourself in or playing by someone else's rules.

Buy and wear what you love. Experiment. Yes, that means you'll make some blunders and get some funny stares but that's what style lovers do.

Take Solange for example. Today, she is heralded as a fashion it girl. Fashionistas from all over the world are listing her as their style inspiration. If your memory is as long as mine you'll recall that wasn't always the case. She definitely went through a 'I'm just trying to figure this thing out’ stage. A stage we should all respect as a stop on our style journey.

I know a lot more about my personal style now than I ever did before but every once in a while I like to mix things up. That's exactly what I was going for with this look. I don't think I've ever worn anything this trendy on the blog. I just went with it and I actually loved it.

While I was out there shooting an underground artist to approached me to be in her video. I was a bit hesitant at first but I did it. Nothing means more to be than supporting another black girl's dream. I didn't do anything I wasn't comfortable with and it was so much fun. Looking forward to seeing the finished version.

There is so much I can write here about being a black girl and not wanting to be perceived as 'hood' or how many of us who claim to love blackness but only love a very specific kind of blackness. White Supremacy is a very powerful system and performs so many mind tricks. I'm committed to loving my blackness and your blackness. The differences, and complexities of blackness are what make it beautiful. It's a daily struggle to continue to do so and the struggle continues...

Pants: H&M s/o (similar) Longline Tank: gifted (similar) Shoes: Forever21 s/o (similar)

Print & Peplum

IMG_1143 IMG_1149








Happy Wednesday!! I'm slowly but surely climbing out of the vacation coma I've been in for the last two weeks. I honestly didn't think anything about getting back on track before leaving, but it has proven to be quite difficult. I'm not one to run away from a challenge though. I'll be back to slaying my days and to uber productivity in no time.

Yesterday, I took my team out of the office to get away from the distractions. We went to Makeshift Society in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It is a community of creatives, entrepreneurs and freelancers. They provide shared work spaces for meetings, developing new skills, and getting work done. It worked. Our productivity skyrocketed. It's shocking how many distractions live at work. We will definitely do it again.

This is another look I shot before leaving for vacation. My braids were fresh and all I could think about was leaving for vacation in a few days. Good times!! I really miss my grey braids, I want them back.

Anyway, it's hump day. Let's slay the rest of the week.

Pants: Forever21 s/o (similar) Peplum Top: Forever21 (similar) Pumps: ASOS