How to stay healthy and maintain your summer glow

How to stay healthy and maintain your summer glow

Maintaining your summer glow is all about being happy and healthy in extremely hot weather, where your hair, skin, body and even attitude can be effected. During the summer months, we tend to treat ourselves to the best food when on vacation, change our hair frequently and constantly in new environments. The downside to all of this is that sometimes we can slack off on our usual wellness and beauty routines.

10 protective summer hairstyles for naturals and relaxed girls

10 protective summer hairstyles for naturals and relaxed girls

Summertime is right around the corner and it's time to break out the protective styles. Getting a new hairstyle for the summer can be considered one of Black women’s favorite pastimes. With the versatility [ and sensitivity]  that comes with Black hair, it’s important to find gorgeous styles that will also protect your locks from the heat of summer.

5 spring style trends that will dominate this season

5 spring style trends that will dominate this season

Spring always seems to sneak up on us each year, with long winters and fickle weather, we can never really know when it’s time to break out the spring style.

Knowing what trends and styles are going to be in season this year isn’t just insider information that editors, buyers and other fashion industry workers want to know. Every stylish woman had the power to create her own looks using the trends this spring, and putting her own spin on it.

Our favorite fashion blogger looks on a budget

Our favorite fashion blogger looks on a budget

Finding the time to shop on a budget can be a challenge for creative and smart women always on the hustle. But, don't worry we definitely got you guys covered. #CreativeSmartStyle is all about keeping things stylish and saving a few coins. Shopping doesn’t always have to mean breaking the bank – so whether you go thrifting or shop at affordable stores, these five bloggers have crafted stylish looks for less that you’ll love.

10 Dresses that will stun on Valentine's Day

2.8 Whether you are going on romantic date or even hanging out with close friends, you're  going to need a dress that is going make you look absolutely stunning on Valentine's Day.

Yea ladies, Valentine's days is the perfect day to put on a fabulous outfit and hit the city. Whether you decide to wear red or pink, the one thing that's for sure is that it's the day to make heads turn and eyes glow.

These outfits are perfect for the occasion or dinner date plan.

Take your time and try that trend that you've been looking at for a while!

Happy Valentine's Day Ladies !!

1. Forever21 2. Forever21 3. Forever21 4. Necessary Clothing 5. Necessary Clothing 6. Forever21 7. ASOS 8. Missguided 9. Forever21 10. Forever21

Get the look for Under $100: Oxblood Pants & Flannel Shirt


Cheers to the weekend! How perfect is this look for the weekend? You can wear this outfit from Saturday errands to a early dinner meeting and be so chic. Can you believe it's already the last weekend in January? We were just celebrating on New Year's Eve and now it's on to February.

I'm all about how I use my time this year and I'm really happy with everything I was able to get done in January but looking forward to getting better in February.

Hope you have an amazing week!

Pants: H&M

Sweater: H&M

Shirt: Walmart

Jacket: Forever21

Shoes: JustFab

Blogger Fave: Statement Flats

2 (1) Have you noticed a few items that instantly become blogger faves? When those items fall on the accessible side of things that's definitely a win-win. Anything from a ZARA coat or an ASOS dress. I can usually spot one from a mile away. There are a few items currently having a blogger moment but the ASOS statement flat stands tall among them.

I'm starting this new style series 'Blogger Fave' when I spot and item I know will become a blogger fave for sure I'll share them here with you guys. The ASOS statement flat is first up. I absolutely love these flats, they're embellished with flower, jewels and pom poms...a glam girl's dream.

You can find a pair here, here, here, and here.

Will you wear the statement flat?

10 Snow Boots for Under $50

snow boots Winter has kicked into high gear and it's all about items that will keep you warm while looking stylish. Yesterday, I shared 1O Puffer Coats for Under $100. The perfect complimentary item for the puffer coat would be the snow boot.

The snow boot is having a bit of a resurgence. Most of us have opted to stick with a riding boot when the temperature drops, they are just sleek and chic. In recent seasons I've seen more and more snow boots in really stylish options, unlike the small animal look of their past.

Ugg, L.L. Bean, and Sorel all have great options but I like to keep things at an accessible price.

Here are 10 Snow Boots Under $50.

1. Urbanog 2. Urbanog 3. Urbanog 4. Urbanog 5. Zappos 6. Urbanog 7. Urbanog 8. Lola's Shoetique 9. Urbanog 10. Urbanog

10 Puffer Coats for Under $100


Let's discuss this winter essential....the puffer coat. The puffer jacket’s trademark is its sectioned or quilted design. It's exterior is comprised of a number of puffy sections that are separated by seams and are filled with down or a synthetic material that is intended to provide warmth to the wearer. The jackets are typically both light and warm, unlike heavy wool coats.

Winter has made it's appearance and we all have to prepare ourselves for the next 3 months. I'm not a huge fan of puffer coats but I am a huge fan of staying warm. It gives you a bit more protection against severe weather conditions than a peacoat or leather coat. It can also usually withstand rain or snow.

Puffer coats can cost anywhere from $50-$1000. I'm a believer in sticking with the lower end but quality end for coats. If you're anything like me, you'll need at least 3-4 coats for the winter and paying hundred of dollars for one is just not savvy shopping. You shouldn't have to break the bank to get a coat to stay warm during the winter months.

As you can see I prefer a puffer coat in a great color and with a cinch at the waste.

Here are 10 puffer coats for under $100:

1. Overstock 2. Macy's 3. Overstock 4. Overstock 5. Overstock 6. Macy's 7. Macy's 8. Macy's 9. Macy's 10. Burlington Coat Factory

Will you be wearing a puffer coat this winter?

Metallic Clutches


Metallics are a great neutral yet statement option to add a bit of flare to any outfit. Whether you choose to go with a metallic shoe or a clutch you're sure to add something to your look. Please don't be intimidted by metallics, you can wear them with almost anything, from jeans to your favorite dress.

Clutches are an easy, but quick way to ease metallics into your wardrobe. Take your time. Looking like a disco ball is a legitimate concern and shouldn't be taken lightly. There are appropriate times to rock a disco inspired look but for every day look...not so much.

1. Lulus 2. Lulus 3. ASOS 4. JustFab 5. ASOS 6. She Inside 7. She Inside 8. ASOS

Get the look for under $100: Olive Tunic + Leather Jacket

Get the Look for Under $100 "Get the look for under..." is officially back. I'll be working much harder to help you guys have your most stylish year ever! I have a few different, I'm unveiling a few of those things over the next three months. We would all love to be draped in Chanel and Balmain, but that's not a reality for many of us at the moment and that's just fine.

In the meantime, we can enjoy the thrill of amazing deals and saving our coins.

This is a perfect look for a casual friday or weekend running around. It's super comfortable and easy to pull off. Tunics in general are a versatile addition to any wardrobe, you can dress them up with faux leather pants and a pair of heels or dress them down similar to how I've done it here with boots and a leather jacket.

I would wear this look:

1. to run errands 2. to a quick meet up with a colleague or friend 3. to a quick shopping trip 4. to grab a quick dinner with the boyfriend 5. to sit in a cafe and write

Where would you wear this look?

Tunic: Forever21

Jacket: Forever21










Love + Vintage Dresses

IMG_3889 IMG_3890










There is something in the air about 2016. Everyone just seems so focused and determined to push their goals forward. I'm thrilled to have found other #creativesmartgirls ready to change the world. Let's do it!!

Love. That's the only way to describe how I feel about vintage dresses. I've worn one here, here and here on the blog in the past. The prints, cuts, fabric, and fit all combine to add such uniqueness to my closet.

It seems the vintage trend is on it's way out but not for me. I will continue to wear them long after many no longer care. I've turned to vintage dresses for so many occasions including weddings, birthday dinners, and countless Church events. There isn't a vintage dress in my closet that I don't completely adore. Shout out to my love @jewelvintagecloset for always lacing me with these goodies. I truly feel like a woman in vintage dresses.

This is it's second appearance on the site. I love the femininity of this dress, paired with the edge of the leather jacket and strappy sandals.

Are you a fan of vintage dresses?

Dress: ASOS (similar Jacket:Forever21 Shoes:Lolas Shoetique (similar)

Pencil Skirt + Denim Shirt

IMG_4714 IMG_4746





Happy New Year!! Welcome to the #creativesmartyear. Today is the first Monday of the new year and I'm so ready to make the most of my 2016. I've deemed 2016 the #creativesmartyear and I plan to make it my most creative and smart year ever and I'm taking you along for the journey.

If you haven't subscribed to my e-mail list, please do so here. This month is packed with greatness and my e-mail subscribers will always be the first to know. Now on to this outfit.

There are just some pieces that go from year to year with ease. A denim shirt and pencil skirt are definitely two of those items. I love the way they act as great foundational pieces in this look and how the shoes and jacket add texture and personality. The jacket and shoes had me dancing through this entire shoot. Just a strong reminder that life is short and should be lived with texture and personality.

What are your plans for 2016?

Skirt: ASOS (similar) Shoes: Lulus Jacket: Forever21 (similar) Denim shirt: Forever21

Cape Coat + Fringe

IMG_4388IMG_4391IMG_4428IMG_4442IMG_4497IMG_4503IMG_4519IMG_4521IMG_4526 After a very long but successful holiday season at my full-time job I'm proud to report that I'm back. The last week or so have been dedicated to planning for 2016 and writing fresh new content. I'm thrilled for the new year and I just can't wait to start unveiling a few of the things I have up my sleeve.

I bought this coat earlier this year in Hudson Valley, NY. It's definitely one of my favorite finds of 2015. I ranted and raved about it when I first bought it but it continues to blow me away each time I put it on. I particularly love it here with all the different textures: denim shirt, suede fringe heels, and suede skirt. The coat just pulled it all together.

Cape Coat: http:ASOS (similar) Skirt: ZARA (similar) Denim Shirt: http:ASOS (similar) Fringe Heels: Lulu's (similar)