One Youtuber's tearful reaction to the election results

I always knew this election would be close, even when polls had Hillary Clinton up by 12-16 points. I didn’t believe it. I understand the fabric of the country we live in. That fabric is often woven with racism, homophobia, sexism, and xenophobia.

The best of us hope for freedom, justice, and equality but we’ve seen those values extended to some but not all time and time again. Still, I remained hopeful. After all, this country did elect Barack Obama to the presidency not once but twice.

It’s clear now that President Obama had to be the perfect candidate with a populist message and be a Washington outsider to be elected. Everything, Hillary Clinton was not.

On election night when it became clear that Donald Trump would become the 45th President of the United States, I wept. I wept because as a black woman in America, you kind of know that this country doesn’t really love and appreciate you and you have to do that yourself. Still, we rise.  We slay. We keep going.

This message was so loud and clear. You couldn’t help but to hear it and feel it. Popular YouTuber, Blogger and all around Smart Brown Girl Jouelzy expressed so clearly how many of us felt on Election night and continue to feel to this day.  


I’m not going to tell you to give Trump a chance. I don’t even know what that mean. I’m not going to tell you we’ve been through worst, because although I too often call on the strength of our ancestors, I do not romanticize their struggle.

The most I want you to do right now is to take as much time as you need. Share how you feel with your loved ones. Take your time. Obama is still in office until January 20th. Once you feel well enough, start to prepare for whatever scenarios we might face in Trump’s America.

How are you coping with the recent election results?