Winter Pastels


Pastels are reserved for the spring for most fashion lovers, and for curvy girls pastels are usually out of the question. So I thought why not tackle two fashion faux pas at once. I started with my vintage pin up skirt as I like to call it. This skirt is a winner and it hugs me in all the right places. The pink top is also vintage and they made for a perfect pairing.

The coat I purchased from Old Navy and I can't stop wearing it. I was really conflicted on buying it because my exact size was sold out. I called Nia panicked that I might have to go a size up. She said, "do it, over-sized is in." Sold! I bought the coat and I'm in love with it. But, the whole "over-sized is in" thing got me thinking.

It's amazing that over-sized is in but curvy girls still have to struggle. If you're down on yourself people cheer for you while pitying you, and making comments about how dreadful it would be to fat. If you confident and loving yourself, people attack, and try to put your in your place. The Struggle.

All this to say that your happiness is your own, so throw on winter pastels, and have a blast. It doesn't matter what boxes people attempt to put you in, live FREE!

xoxo, Linda