Why You're NOT Executing


Ideas are great execution is better. Many of us have really great ideas but we’re not executing on them. We’re not executing because we not separating aspiration ideas from execution ideas.

I know this for sure because there is no one who loves big aspiration ideas more than me. I often joke that I have a big idea a minute. As I began taking my brand more seriously I’ve learned that you need to be as excited and clear about the execution of an idea as much as I am about the actual idea. When I have too many ideas, I act on the one I can execute with excellence first.

If you learn how to love the work of execution as much as you love ideas, you will win.

Greatness is simultaneously holding aspiration ideas or dreams while working day in and day out to make them a reality. You must simultaneously exist in an aspirational bubble and in the grit and grind. The great athletes are a great example of this.

They usually have great aspirations of winning championships, Super Bowls, and World Cups. They are also usually hyper-connected to the grit necessary to make that happen. Think Kobe Bryant being the first in the gym and the last to leave, think Michael Jordan’s practice schedule. They had the aspirations and they were willing to execute. No one executed better than Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

It’s the very thing we all admire about Beyonce. You may not be a fan of her music, you might think she’s talentless but her work ethic is unparalleled in her industry. We talk often about work ethic but are we really clear what it looks like? Work ethic is the ability to execute the work necessary to reach your aspiration. The work that gets done when the lights are off and there is no one cheering you on.

I know exactly what you’re thinking. ‘That work is so lonely and mundane.’ It’s true. Execution is boring and lonely. As creatives, this is the part that really stings. The loneliness is overwhelming, crippling, and often defeating. For me, it’s a beautiful disaster. I love collaboration. I feed off the positive energy of others. I’m better when I have a great partner. Yet if I want to succeed as a creative entrepreneur I know I have to get used to the loneliness and boredom.

If you aren’t willing to work through loneliness and boredom you don’t deserve to live the life of your dreams.

What to remember:

If you have too many ideas, act on the ones that you can execute with excellence first. Excellent execution leads to more excellent execution.

Execution is lonely and mundane but it’s worth it.

Greatness lies in big aspirations and excellent and clear execution.