Why Building Great Work Relationships is the Key to your Success

It's only February but Cardi B is already setting examples for us creative smart girls in 2018. We all know her background and where she came from but now, she spends her time working in the studio and it is truly paying off. 

Image: WOC in Tech Chat 

Image: WOC in Tech Chat 


What do you think Cardi B, and other new artists did to build relationships in their career? Of course, they got out and networked their tail off.


Here are four reasons why building relationships is critical to your career: 

You’re an asset.

If you are a master at what you do, you are considered an asset and you want to use that characteristic to your full advantage. Yes, you want to build a brand and rapport with your abilities. This trail is critical to building relationships because people are always going to want to work with you. Why not? You’re good at what you do!

At one point, Cardi B. was a terrible rapper but now after she sacrificed her time to learn her craft, she became one of the most requested female artists in 2018.


It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

In life, you are going to meet people everywhere you go. If you don’t you must be stuck under a rock or have really bad communication skills. Introducing yourself to people, sharing an interest in the same milk or bread in the grocery aisle or even following some really awesome content creators via social media; it is all an opportunity to build those vital relationships to get you to the next level in your career.


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Building your relationships is important because you just might meet that person who provides the tough love you need to expand, change and grow. Maybe there is someone in your industry tho is a great mentor and you need that or maybe you need to sharpen someone else.

Once you build relationships with desired people in your industry, you are opening the doors and cracking the windows to everlasting relationships with those who will keep you on your toes. 



Build your network to change your net worth.

You could be one relationship away from your big break. Imagine working at a place that you dread. Working for eight hours and clock out to follow your dreams. You’re on the right track. However you decide to do your networking, you are still one person away from that big opportunity. Take heed and appreciate every person you rub elbows with. We know 


So the next time you think a person cannot benefit you, think again. Really evaluate and understand that no matter what, someone can even do the small things can have a mighty impact on your life and career. You’re creative, you’re smart and you are favored. 


How has relationship building helped your career and professional life? 

By: Brittney Parker

Brittney Parker was also known as Miss Parker is a Native of Southern California. Brittney began her career as a model and host for Seventeen Magazine’s runway and promotional shows which opened the door to partnering opportunities with brands such as Macy’s, American Eagle and Aeropostale. She also began creating content on YouTube for MissParkerTV and other YouTube content creators. 

In August 2014, Miss Parker was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called  Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. The illness has given her a drive and desire to learn more about the disease, to bring awareness and find a cure. Currently, Miss Parker is curating a platform for young girls called Visionista University. Her plan is to work with other Visionistas within the entertainment industry and to help create opportunities for other young women who are Visionistas and need to focus on their vision.