Who Taught You How To Hustle?

Everyone isn’t born with the spirit of a hustler, and many die without ever knowing what it means to operate from a place of hustle. Hustlers aren’t just the stereotypical image of someone who hangs out on the corner all day like mainstream television shows like to portray. To the Creative Smart Girl community, being hustler is all about finding a way when there isn’t one and getting past the obstacles to reach our goals. Hustling means waking up at the crack of dawn to work on your side biz or get in a workout before you clock in for your 9-5. And even if you are already a full time entrepreneur, the hustle never stops, and requires you to work harder than you ever did with the security of a bi-weekly paycheck. We asked our Twitter followers who taught them how to hustle because we always love to hear what keeps our creative smart girls going day in and day out. Our community is filled with some of the most successful women of all different industries and we understand that it truly takes a village to nurture and inspire that kind of talent. We asked, and here’s what they had to say:


Responses included every person in someone’s life you can think of, from celebrities to family members. Some examples of who taught our community how to hustle were parents, Beyoncé & Jay-Z, New York City, grandparents, friends, exes, themselves and even no one at all.

Event producer and community manager for social enterprise 2020 Shift, Denayja Reese responded by saying it was just her and Beyoncé motivating her to hustle to get to where she wants to be. “I had no role models for this life,” she said.

Sometimes having no one is what pushes us to go after everything with such tenacity and determination.

We wanted to know who taught this amazing community that they should do whatever they can to get the life they deserve. Each month during our Twitter chat, we connect with so many hardworking individuals that it’s hard not to wonder what their story is. Recognizing who gave you the tools you need to succeed in this world is something we all need to do, and thank the people who got us as far as we’ve come. What everyone should take away from learning who taught these creative smart girls how to hustle is that whether you realize it or not, there is always someone in your corner, someone you can call an inspiration. It’s important to make note of why we are the way we are when it comes to our goals, personal lives and careers. 

The things that will inevitably make you successful don’t cost you anything but your time, energy and willingness to learn. [Tweet this]

We all know that you can’t have million dollar dreams on a minimum wage work ethic, so let’s cheers to the people who taught us that in our lives.