White Dress + Pom Pom Heels

Photography by Leo

Dress // Option 1: ASOS // Option 2: ASOS // Option 3: Misguided// | Shoes // ASOS (similar)

Summer is officially here and we're all ready to bask in all of her glory. Is it me or is it hard to stay focus during these summer months? It's been particularly hard this week because I leave for a two-week vacation on Sunday and that's so much of what's on my mind.

I don't know what it is about white and the summer time but they go together. I'm obsessed with this white dress and the pink pom pom heels. The sun was just shining perfectly on me that day. 

Things are hectic while I prep for vacation but I'm still working on so many things Creative Smart Girl. So hang tight, there is so much goodness headed your way. Summer 16' is going to be EPIC indeed. Looking forward to sharing what I'm working for the rest of summer.