Vintage Dress + Denim Jacket

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Happy Tuesday! I've shared that I recently had a few epiphanies. One being about simply moving things forward. You have to ask yourself everyday, what can I do to move things forward for my business or just for goals I've set for myself? There is literally always something can that be done.

I've qualified that a bit more with another epiphany. What can only I do to move my business forward? If there are things that someone else can do, then let them do it! My time should be dedicated to only what I can do. This is the only way to ensure growth and protect my sanity.

About the look. I have a thing for vintage dresses. My closet is almost half vintage dresses or vintage inspired dresses. While I've been trying new things to shake up my style, it's nice to know exactly what your staples are. A vintage dress and a denim jacket are definitely staples in my book. I adore the floral detail on this dress and the denim jacket adds a modern twist to the look.

Dress: Vintage (similar)

Denim Jacket: Forever21

Shoes: old (similar)