Vintage & Denim

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Let's face it, a denim shirt is a basic must-have for any closet. Don't know what to wear? Throw on a denim shirt and any bottom, and you're instantly chic.

I finally paired my denim shirt with a floral vintage skirt and it works. This look was so comfortable, which is very important to me. Throwing in a neutral accessories with the calabash bag, and shoes and the look was really easy to pull together.

This entire look cost a total of $59. All pieces that will produce an incredible return on my investment because I've already worn them plenty, and will continue to do so. They also transition well between all the seasons.

Vintage Shirt- $9 Denim Shirt (Target)- $25 Shoes- $25 (Tempo) Calabash Bag- Gifted

xoxo, Linda