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This is for them 20 somethings: time really moves fast, you were just 16. ~ Beyonce Schoolin' Life

With the moving of time comes growth, and healed wounds. Thank God it moves fast! I recently celebrated my 27th birthday. For me getting older isn't a big deal, I look forward to it. I've only gotten better with time and I'm excited about what the future holds. Hopefully I'll always hold these sentiments.

To celebrate, Linda hosted an intimate dinner with my family and closest friends at Milk River here in Brooklyn. Milk River's tagline is "Enjoy life, let it flow." Couldn't be more appropriate for the night and my life at the moment. It was a lovely time. I really wanted to celebrate on my actual birthday this year. Despite the rain it turned out to be a good call, we had the restaurant practically to ourselves. I guess restaurants don't go up on a The holiday season is brutal, I have no time for anything but work. I made a conscious decision to take some time for myself and to be with the people that build me up. It was beautiful.

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The night came full circle when we spotted Michaela Angela Davis. Michaela is the epitome of a free and happy black girl. I love her work. Sitting there having a happy black girls moment with my friends and she comes over to our table. My mother was beyond She was the sweetest. She instructed us to take care of each other because, "it's hard out here." Great advice. Thanks was wonderful to meet you.

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Thank you to everyone one for making this such a great birthday!! It's great to be loved!

Dress // Jewel's Vintage Closet (similar) Shoes // Lola's Shoetique (similar)

All photos by Amy Hendy of The Hendy Image.