Three ways to make your sister your best friend

If you have any siblings, they were probably the first friends you ever had. With girls, having sisters give you your first does of what it will be like in school with your own group of friends.


You fight, you argue, and you're always honest about how you feel regarding each other’s outfits. As you get older, and making friends gets more difficult, you’ll realize that your most loyal and compatible friends were there all along.


You know your sister is your best friend when:

  1. You can't stay mad for too long

  2. Her closet is your closet

  3. You have a never ending supply of inside jokes

  4. She tells you when you’re wrong, but always sticks up for you

  5. She’s the first person you call with good (or bad) news  


Some iconic sisters we love include the Braxtons; Beyonce and Solange; Tia and Tamera, and we can’t forget Serena and Venus. These women have shown us for years what it means to have sisters you consider your best friends.

If you’re struggling to find the bestie in your sister, here are three ways to change that:

Be vulnerable. If you've never had a close relationship with your sisters before, it isn't going to happen overnight. When building a close friendship with someone, even if they're family, you have to open up and be vulnerable. Call and share how your day went and ask about theirs and gradually build up to venting about everything that's going on in your life. Many people have only ever had a sibling relationship with their sisters, not a friendly one. Although it should be relatively easy since it's family,  but building relationships take time - don't rush it. 


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Let go of childhood drama. If you're going to turn your sister into your best friend you cannot hold onto to the petty drama of your childhood. Forgive her and and forgive yourself for anything you may have done. The relationships we create with our siblings as children sometimes carry into adulthood but it's never worth it. Have a heart to heart and let go of any lingering pain from your childhood so you can both move past it. 

Make plans, often. Friendships are built through in person meetups and bonding tome. Just as you would make plans with your friends to go to brunch or on vacation, make these plans with your sisters and often. The thing about spending time with family is the threshold for what's too much is much higher than with friends. Call and hang out as much as  you possibly can, especially if you don't have a family yet. Your free time is more precious than you think. 


Are your sisters your best friends?