There is no shame in a Nine-to-five job

5 High Paying Jobs for Millennials-4 In March, Damon Dash the Co-founder and former head of Rocafella Records did an interview on New York’s Power 105’s the Breakfast Club where he got into a heated discussion with DJ Envy about entrepreneurship when he stated, “Jobs are for lazy people that don’t want to invest in themselves.”

Dash may be a bit harsh in his statement but he’s expressing something very real about the times we’re living in. Welcome to the age where it’s no longer acceptable to have a nine-to-five job with benefits and a steady income. You can’t read your social media timelines without someone telling you to be a boss or encouraging you not to work for anyone else. Almost everyone you meet is a hustler, a side hustler, a brand, an entrepreneur, a mogul or an aspiring business owner. Most of these people also have a nine-to-five job that they rarely talk about and hide, as if it’s a dirty little secret to be ashamed of.

We’re all working so hard to make our dreams come true that it seems counterproductive to shame anyone for the job they do. The resources provided by the Internet and the decline in job security over the last decade, and a lack of job satisfaction were definitely legitimate reasons to consider having multiple options to earn money. With that said, succeeding as an entrepreneur is extremely difficult and recent strides in job satisfaction and job security there should be no shame in having a nine to five.

The Great Recession of 2008 really took a toll on the psyche of Americans and forced many of us to figure out how we can make money in non-traditional ways. Recently, the tide has begun to shift and Americans are more satisfied and secure than they’ve been since then. According to a report by the Conference Board satisfaction survey nearly three decades ago, 61.1% of workers said they liked their jobs. That number has slid over time, reaching an all-time low in 2010, when only 42.6% of workers said they were satisfied in their jobs. According to a 2014 Gallup poll 58% of full- or part-time workers are completely satisfied with their job security, an increase from the aftermath of the Great Recession from when roughly 50% of Americans said they were completely satisfied.

The Internet has completely revolutionized the way business is conducted but it has not made succeeding as an entrepreneur any easier. Access to new audiences, new ideas and low overhead costs has made it more and more attractive to start a business online. The one thing the Internet has not done is improve the business failure rate. According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. Dash is certainly a prime example of the challenges entrepreneurs face despite having access to the Internet and many other resources. He’s become just as well known for failed business deals, huge tax debts and repeated legal battles as he is for partnering with Jay-Z to start Rocafella Records.

This isn’t to scare anyone out of becoming an entrepreneur but we should all consider the reality of being a successful entrepreneur before shaming people out of their nine-to-five.

As a budding entrepreneur, I don’t want to feel ashamed of my nine-to-five, especially since I actually enjoy mine. Plus, none of the work I’m able to do on the GlamSavvy Life would be possible without my steady paycheck. I recently had to release myself of the pressure of going full time. Being a full time blogger/entrepreneur would be amazing but in the meantime I can enjoy and appreciate my job while working on building my dream. Many of us rely on that to build our dream and become our own boss, and there is really no shame in that.