The Little Orange Dress

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I believe in the powers of the little orange dress (LOD). Similar to the little black dress (LBD), the LOD can transform any black girl from mundane to instantly chic. Call it black girl magic.

I remember meeting with a designer a while back to discuss this idea I had about remaking the classic fashion pieces with a care free black girl twist. Instead of the little black dress, we would create the little orange dress. There is something just so beautiful about bright colors on chocolate skin. It just can't be replicated. Some may say it's a 'no no' but I say it's a 'HELL YES.' I haven't given up on the idea that of that fashion line yet, stay tuned. I might just make it happen.

It's Friday!! So excited for the weekend, it's the weekend before my two week vacation and I'm thrilled!! Shout out to the Grenadian flag, I just happen to stumble upon while out shooting.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Do you think the little orange dress is just as chic as the little black dress?

Dress: Forever21 old (similar) Shoes: Forever21 s/o (similar) Sunglasses: Forever21