The Cape Coat

IMG_6050IMG_6051IMG_6058IMG_6086IMG_6100IMG_6106IMG_6145IMG_6159IMG_6170IMG_6155 I can't even with this coat. Like, I DIED!! In the last hour of my trip to Hudson, I decided to do some vintage shopping. The first shop was downstairs from our apartment on Warren Street. It was a dud. A few unique pieces but a bit overpriced. I was disappointed- I waited almost the entire trip to check out the shop. The owner had a be back in 5 minutes sign on the door for 2 days. I'm not kidding.

I then headed to another shop recommended by our host. 'Five & Diamond' was nicely tucked away from the main strip of Warren Street, directly across the street from another vintage shop. Needless to say I left with my hands full and my vintage appetite satisfied.

The coat was hanging on a mannequin near the entrance when we spotted it. Upon asking the owner about it, she let us know she was willing to mark down all outerwear pieces in preparation for spring. JACKPOT!!

After all was said and done I walked away with this amazing coat for $40. I also scored a yellow coat (I've been looking for the perfect one) and 2 skirts (I'm wearing one under the coat in this look.)

Not too shabby. A successful vintage hunt. I will pass the coat unto my really. It's that serious.

If you have any questions about look, feel free to e-mail me or hit me on Twitter.