The best conferences for bloggers of every niche

Building relationships and meeting new people is the key to success in any industry, and the best way to do that is with conferences and events. Relationship building online is great but at some point you have to make sure you are going out into the world and meeting with people face to face. It’s important for professionals to take the time to research the best conferences of their niche, whether they work a 9-5 or are self-employed. For bloggers this may be even more important because you make your income from the relationships you build with brands and other bloggers. 


Preparing for your first conference can be overwhelming but only if you let it. Here are some key things to do to get ready for any conference or event:

·         Come with business cards to give out, but don’t force it upon anyone

·         Research who will be there and make a “hit list” of everyone you want to connect with

·         Dress to impress but comfortable – you’ll most likely be on your feet all day

·         Bring a recorder, camera, notebook and anything else that can help you get more out of the experience – especially if you blog!


WOC in Tech Chat 

WOC in Tech Chat 

Beauty + Fashion

1.      Simply Stylist

The Simply Stylist conference is a safe haven for women in beauty and fashion to come together and share ideas, trends and network. The conference takes place in Dubai on October 13th and New York on November 5th  as an all-day event. The conference included an expert panel of style experts and bloggers, networking mixers and workshops.

Cost: $50-350


2.      Decoded Fashion

Decoded fashion events were created to connect fashion and beauty professionals with technology companies to solve problems, create partnerships and expose the fashion world to new opportunities. This conference is more than just a conference and consists of meetups, hackathons, mentorship hubs and fashion pitches. Events take place in New York, Milan, Tokyo, London and more. Events take place all throughout the year.

Cost: $650-1,090


3.      Fashion PR Confidential

Although fashion PR confidential was made for fashion publicists, this can be a really be beneficial to bloggers as well – teaching you to navigate PR in the fashion industry and connect with brands and journalists. This is a two day workshop, available in person and online, for NYC and LA, in early October.

Cost: $600




1.      Blogalicious

The Blogalicious conference takes place in Atlanta, GA from November 3rd-5th, and teaches bloggers, social media influencers and brands how to create compelling content, marketing tactics and which technologies and platforms are best. Blogalicious is a popular conference where many bloggers, new and season go to meet other bloggers.

Cost: $299-499


2.      Blogher

This year’s Blogher conference took place in Orlando, FL from June 22nd -24th. This conference has been around for over 10 years to create a space for women digital content creators to connect and learn together.

Cost: $99-699


3.      Alt Summit

Alt Summit is for anyone who is serious about social media and blogging or is interested in launching their first product. The 2017 conference is currently sold out and will be in Palm Springs, CA and welcomes professionals and newbies. Alt Summit was founded in 2009 and is a perfect mix of classes, workshops and yoga.

Cost: $495-1495



1.      Tech Week

Teck week is one of the most exciting conferences for those who work in the tech industry. Tech Week’s mission is to “spread wealth creation to diverse places and people by supporting the emergence of local Hero Companies.” It was founded five years ago in Chicago and has spread to six other cities including New York, Detroit, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Kansas City, and Toronto. Events take place starting in May and continue each month in a different city until December.

Cost: $0-125


2.      Tech Crunch Disrupt SF

TechCrunch is one of the most prominent tech news websites out there and you can always count on them to deliver reliable and credible news for the industry. Their conference, TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco, is known for bringing together the most innovative minds in tech, debuting startups, hackathons and more. What’s great about TechCrunch conference is that you won’t only see the CEOs of Silicon Valley startups on the panels, you’ll see influencers, athletes and anyone who is truly making a difference.

Cost: $299


3.      Fast Company Innovation Festival

The Fast Company Innovation festival this year will be from November 1st-4th in New York City. Each activity and panel focuses on one of the six themes of the festival: creativity, design, entrepreneurship, leadership, social good, and tech. The four days includes office tours top companies, speaker panels and a festival.

Cost: $15-2900



1.      FinCon17

FinCon is the finance conference where money and media come together under one experience. FinCon this year will be held in Dallas, TX on October 25-28th. This is the perfect conference for finance bloggers – here you will learn how to create compelling content geared towards money for your blog, podcast, social media, and video content.

Cost: $199-699


2.      Technology Tools for Today (T3)

This conference is perfect for those who are professional financial advisors who want to learn more about their profession and the changing technologies that are used in the industry. There are two tracks to this conference – enterprise and advisors; enterprise is for the upper management of companies and the advisor track is for those who practice the craft on a daily basis who want to learn how to make a more profitable living. It’ll be held in November 2nd-4th in Las Vegas, NV.

Cost: $399-599


3.      National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

NAPFA holds two conference – one in May Phoenix and another in October in Arlington, VA. This conference is an intense opportunity to refine your craft, learn how to communicate better and learn the best practices in the industry.

Cost: $200+



1.      Everything Food Conference

The Everything Food Conference is the ultimate event for food bloggers, happening from May 4-7th in Salt Lake City, UT. This conference is pack with classes, mastermind sessions, and presentations all geared at helping food bloggers maximize their reach and grow their blogs.

Cost: $200-575


2.      International Food Blogger Conference

What’s great about this conference is how inclusive it is – everyone who works in food is welcomed to attend including bloggers, writers, publishers, brands, restaurant marketers, and PR professionals alike. This year’s conference took place in October in Sacramento, CA.

Cost: $195-485


3.      BlogHer Food

BlogHer Food is very similar to the traditional BlogHer conference but all about food. This conference allows food bloggers the chance to take their blog to the next level and network with other in their niche. The 2016 conference was held in Austin, TX and featured the best bloggers and celebrity chefs as panelists.

Cost: $99-699



1.      TBEX

The Travel Blog Exchange conference is the largest travel conference for bloggers, online travel writers and content creators, travel brands and PR professionals. The conference has grown to be international and attracts thousands of representatives from various companies. If you’re serious about your travel blog and working with brands – this is the event for you. The 2017 event will be held in Huntsville, AL, in May.

Cost: $197-697


2.      Women in Travel Summit

This event is hosted by Wanderful, is was created to bring together travel influencers and industry members with the tools, resources and connections they need to become better bloggers and influencers. Over 500 bloggers will be coming to the conference in April 2017 in Milwaukee, WI to share their experiences in travel.

Cost: $249-299