The best apps for managing your time

Time management has to be one of the most discussed issues amongst anyone with a job, side hustle, blog, or class schedule. It seems as we get older and have more responsibilities and tasks to complete in one day, 24 hours is no longer enough. People have a hard time managing the hours in a day because they are trying to manage time.

There is no such thing as time management, there is only self-management. [Click to tweet] 

Once you realize that time management is having the discipline to do the things you commit to doing, you start utilizing every minute you have while awake to be productive, you’ll be getting more done than you’d ever imagine.

Some ways to preserve energy and remain discipline is by scheduling tasks is by scheduling tasks ahead of time – making real time decision is the best way to stay behind the curve and constantly overwhelmed. There are some really great apps that keep track of your schedule and keep you productive during working hours and most importantly manage yourself.

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Here are five of the best apps for managing your time:

1. Forest

Forest gives its users a whole new meaning to staying focused and being present. This app gives you tasks while you work, that will ultimately make you want to keep working with no breaks. For example, while you work you may be tasked with growing a tree. This tree will grow as long as you are clocked in the app but if you close it before you finish your task, the tree will die. It also gives stats and tracking for your progress and the better you do the more you can unlock in the app, giving an extra incentive to keep going when you’re tired. This productivity app is worth the $1.99 for sure.

 2. Freedom

Freedom is an app created to reduce the amount of distractions that can stop you from being productive and making the most out of your time. This app is free but I would pay for it because what it does is blocks you from opening certain apps and websites that will distract you. The creators at Freedom also know human nature because there is even a lock feature to stop you from cheating and opening websites that are blocked. Need help staying focused? This is the app to do that for the social media obsessed.

3. ATracker Pro

This timing app allows you to take control of the time you spend on tasks with just a tap of your finger. It reports how much of your time you spend on different things throughout the week, holds your calendar and schedule and lets you customize your widgets and over design of the app. This time tracker isn’t like most that are really confusing and have bad user experience, but instead it’s easy to use and intuitive, but it will cost you $4.99. It may be time to invest in your time management efforts.

4. Focus Zen

Focus Zen is all about bringing in the right energies to get your work done faster and have a more productive work day. This app always has raving reviews and it’s hard to believe that such an effect app would be free, but it is. It features an attention enhancer that teaches your mind to focus on tasks in 10, 25 and 60 min periods. It play music in the back to help you forget distractions and syncs your brainwaves using isotonic sound technology. The developers of this app definitely did their research on what it takes to relax and focus your brain to make you more productive.

5. Evernote

Most Creative Smart Girls can vouch for Evernote and credit their productivity and collaboration efforts to the app. A lot of people use Evernote for collaborating and taking notes but it can really help with time management as well. The lists and notes you make in Evernote will ultimately save you time later when it’s actually time to take action on your ideas. This is truly a great app for Creative Smart Girls who are always on the go and need a place to put all the notes, links, lists, reminders and ideas in one place so when they actually do get a chance to sit at their desk to write a blog post for example, half the work is already done. Evernote takes out the busy in busywork for us all.

Time can't be managed. It keeps going regardless of how we choose to use it. [Click to tweet] 

The apps above are great options to help us stay focused and disciplined about the work we need to get done to reach our goals.What apps have you been using to stay on track to meet your fourth quarter goals?