The 10 newsletters every Creative Smart Girl needs to subscribe to

It’s time to face the harsh reality of being a creative entrepreneur: we all need inspiration but we don’t always have it at the times we need it.



Whether you are struggling in which direction to go in for a design project, have writers block or you’re planning your next online course - you crave inspiration to help you birth the amazing content that you create.

Digging deep and doing the work requires us to put our talent, passion, creativity and inspiration on the same team to execute our projects, and bring value to the people who depend on us. Newsletters can be boring, annoying and useless when done the wrong way. Being subscribed to the right email lists means you are getting information, inspiration and content that relates to you and your business. 

Here are some of the best email lists every Creative Smart Girl should subscribe to:

1.      Create & Cultivate

Create and Cultivate is an online platform dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs thrive in today’s digital world. Consisting of a stellar blog and conference that is held three times per year in a different city, Create & Cultivate is where every blogger should be. With speakers that include A-List entrepreneurs such as Hannah Bronfman, Whitney Port, and Jessica Alba, it’s no wonder their platform serves as a hub for the most talented women to connect.

2.      Brit and Co

Brit and Co is a blog comprised of the most creative projects and ideas in blogging, news, style, décor and more. Brit and Co is the ultimate source for learning and inspiration with the incredibly useful online classes in everything from business and technology to illustration and photography. Subscribing to their newsletter will motivate you to learn a new skill, explore a new craft and unlock the next level of your creativity.

3.      Her Agenda

Her Agenda shares the real life stories of women in every industry who are doing the work and doing it well. With the tagline “No one ever slows her agenda”, its reflective in the content they produce but not only sharing the highs of women careers, but how they deal with the hard times as well. 

4.      The Everygirl

The Everygirl is the ultimate resource for women who love to learn about how their favorite girl bosses got their start. With in-depth interviews and profiles, The Everygirl gives you an inside look of how women all over the country have made a name for themselves in their careers. The Everygirl is the perfect balance of work, life and play that teaches women everything from how to balance a checkbook to how to plan the perfect vacation.


5.      MyTaughtYou

Myleik Teele, founder of curly hair product subscription CurlBox, created as a platform to help others and give back now that she’s a major player in her industry. Myleik shares her most personal and honest advice with her audience via her podcast, newsletter, stories and catchy quotes.  Although what she does may be completely different from the business you run, her advice is top notch and can be applied to any niche. Myleik has gained hundreds of thousands of social media followers, support from celebrities and partnerships with Fortune 500 companies. Joining her newsletter will be one of the best decisions you make when seeking expert life and business advice.

6. BlkCreatives

Blkcreatives is the place where every creator of color can come and speak on their experience in a safe environment. I addition to keeping us up to date on what's happening around the world with those who look like us, they're also giving tool tips and resources for you to grow your hustle. 

7. Blavity

Blavity's newsletter is a no nonsense, cut right to the chase about Black news and all that effect Black people. Everything from Black Twitter shenanigans to the latest White house scandal, is covered in their daily blast, But don't worry, you want to read everything they send so daily emails from Blavity will make your day. This newsletter is the perfect way to stay up on current events and pop culture. 

8. Mediabistro

Love writing and digital marketing? Looking for a new job? Need to pick up a skill for work? Mediabistro is the newsletter for you. Whether you work in digital media or not, Mediabistro offers afforadable courses on skills everyone should learn. Their emails are filled with the top blog posts and what you need to know about getting ahead in your career. 

9. Alex Wolf Co. 

Alex Wolf gives it to her audience the way it is. She's engaging, tells stories and always has a great book recommendation. If you're looking to get connected with your inner creative, join her tribe stat. She always has a course that'll catapult your idea to success, and makes you feel better about the days being a creative isn't so glamorous. 

10. She's Candid 

Victoria of She's Candid gives you the lowdown on all things freelancing, blogging and influencer. She tells real stories about her journey and practically gives you the blueprint for her success, if you're just willing to read her amazing blog posts and invest a few coins. 


Of course don’t forget to subscribe to the best newsletter on doing the work, getting the results and connecting you to amazing Creative Smart Girls – Us! 

What are some of your favorite email blasts to receive?