The 10 best companies for achieving work-life balance

It seems that people are no longer looking for work that can just pay the bills, but can accommodate their personal lifestyle as well.

Work-life balance isn’t just important to those who have families of their own, but those who enjoy having a life outside of the office. Many people like to travel, have side hustles or hobbies that take a great deal of time so having a job that can allow you to be who truly are is becoming increasingly important in the job search. It isn’t just about time off either, but making sure employees are comfortable and able to produce their best work.

Perks such as generous PTO, remote work, and flexible shifts are just a few of the benefits that companies can offer employees to make work-life balance more attainable. For some, having a fulfilling and progressive employer is just as, if not more, important than salary.



Here are 10 companies who truly care about their employees lives outside of work:

1.      Verizon

Verizon offers perks such as an onsite gym that allows employees to begin, take a break in between or end their day with a workout. Without ever having to leave the office, Verizon employees can take spin classes on their campus and get to know their co-workers better. Also, it offers a “Mobility at Work” program, which is essentially giving them the tools they need to work from home whenever they need that accommodation.


2.      Discovery

Discovery has an initiative called the Kaleidoscope program in which they offer classes for professional development for their employees. These classes are meant to spark creativity within departmental teams. Also, they provide a wellness and child care center, which is pretty impressive as its right in the building. With the cost of child care for some families being up to $12k, this is certainly a great place to work if you are a mom.


3.      GEICO

GEICO is a great place to work if you need work-life balance to pursue your passions outside of you career. The D.C. based company allows employees to enjoy their favorite pastimes on them by providing sponsorships and covering registration fees. For example if you are a runner, the company already supports a variety of races held all over the country and will pay for you to participate. There are also lots of in-office activities held amongst co-workers such as fitness classes and sports team. But that’s not all, GEICO will also help you start a club not currently offered by providing sponsorships – this is the place to work if you need to find time for you hobby or passions.


4.      Yelp

Yelp employees enjoy a nice gym membership, along with free meals, and access to the best software available. Employee enjoy working for this San Francisco based company because it helps keep them company and allows them to connect to their cities in new ways.


5.      Airbnb

Airbnb is allowing their employees to benefit from what they profit off of – travel. They are encouraged to travel anywhere in the world by management and are given up to $2k per year to do so. In addition to free travel, the company also hosts an in-house chef that cooks up the best food for employees daily.


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6.      Southwest Airlines

This airlines has a great reviews from their employees who enjoy the flexible shifts, free flights and generous vacation days that increase with the amount of time you work for them.


7.      Viacom

This media conglomerate is ranked in the top 25 companies for work-life balance according to indeed. Viacom gives their employees great paid time off benefits along with maternity and paternity leave, work from home and full health insurance coverage. Employees who have families definitely benefit from the great work-life balance the company offers.


8.      Colgate-Palmolive

Colgate-Palmolive has been awarded non numerous occasions for their amazing work-life balance culture in the office. The company has been featured in Working Mother Magazine, Corporate responsibility magazine and Diversity Inc. They offer back-up child care in the area, remote work options, seven weeks paid time off for not only maternity leave but for those who become foster parents or surrogates and tuition assistance. It’s no surprise that they receive as many awards as they do, when they truly put their employees first.


9.      Cisco

Cisco has been recognized many times for being one of the best places to work in the country and their excellence work-life balance programs are a testament to that. Some of the benefits offered are working remotely, work sharing program, and a compressed work week.


10.  Salesforce

Ninety-four percent of Salesforce employee say it’s a great place to work. Also being awarded several times for their best practices, Salesforce integrates their work culture into their new employees to attend an event within their first two months that give insights to the great programs offered, networking, and allowing new members of the team to walk away with great memories from the start. They give paid time off for volunteering, wellness reimbursement programs that gives $100 for workers to spend on their health and so much more. 


What benefits does your employer offer to help you balance your personal life and your job?