10 famous Black women who found success later in life

10 famous Black women who found success later in life

Success doesn’t always come when we want it to, but when we’re actually ready for it.Despite the stories we see about tech entrepreneurs or athletes making it big at 20 years old, success doesn’t happen overnight for most. In fact, for someone who seems like an overnight success, it’s safe to say they’ve been working hard for the past 10 years to get where they are.

Five famous Black women who came from humble beginnings

Five famous Black women who came from humble beginnings

Living in such a social media driven world, it seems we only see how much others have and not really how they got it.

There are so many successful celebrities who either seem like they were an overnight success or we have no idea what struggles they faced before stardom. Even with humble beginnings, studies show that most millionaires actually made their money on their own.

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As if our girl crush on Kerry Washington couldn't get any more major, it was revealed that she will be gracing the cover of Glamour magazine's October issue. She'll be sharing some details about her super duper top secret summer wedding to hubby Nnamdi Asomugha of the San Francisco 49ers, some exclusive hints about the upcoming third season of Scandal, and why she decided to campaign for New Jersey hopeful Barbara Buono. Read more about the issue here.



The Talk co-host, Sheryl Underwood, was caught up in a bad case of foot-in-mouth earlier this week when she expressed her opinion on Heidi Klum reportedly saving her children's (with singer Seal) hair after every haircut. Underwood went off about how undesirable "Afro hair" is and that saving "...curly, nappy, beady" hair seems "nasty." Twitter blew up with people sharing their opinions - mostly negative - about her candor, which ultimately led Underwood to giving an apology to a very offended black community. Read more here.



CurlBOX founder, Myleik Teele, has decided to feature four natural beauty gurus posing completely nude in The Nude Issue for the September box. In what is a very daring move, Teele hopes to help women of color feel more comfortable and confident with themselves and their features. Read more here.



7-year-old Tiana Parker was sent home from her Tulsa school because she was wearing dreadlocks in her hair. It turns out that the Oklahoma school has a strict policy against children wearing "faddish hairstyles" to their school. Tiana's father immediately re-enrolled her into a new school. Read more here.



Oscar-nominated actress Viola Davis is being featured on the cover of the October issue of Essence magazine, in all her natural hair glory. In this issue, she will be discussing motherhood, new film projects and, most importantly, her decision to rock her natural hair and how it made her stop apologizing for who she truly is. Read more here.