Nia's 25 Daily Reminders

Nia's 25 Daily Reminders I wrote this list during a really challenging time at work this past holiday season. From September to December every year is peak season at my job. All retailers have a peak holiday season but ours is rather unique. Our workload grows 300 percent, it's extremely challenging but the pressure has turned me into a diamond. This was my first holiday season as a manager and there were many challenges. I wrote this to help me focus on the positives in my life. It consist of simple phrases, and simple words. The list is in no particular order:

1. You have built a beautiful life...GO HOME to it.

2. Give your very BEST and know that it is ENOUGH.

3. Your team is awesome...don't forget to tell them!

4. Delegate!

5. Don't get stressed...Get smart!

6. Read and respond to your e-mails people are waiting...

7. Write a thank you note...someone deserves one and sometimes just a "thank you" is not enough.

8. You have support!!! Ask for help.

10. You have so many people that love and support them if you need to.

11. Be present but know that your future will be greatER.

12. Whatever it is...this too shall pass.

13. When you the kind thing.

14. Holding people accountable is hard in the moment but it's necessary. DO IT!

15. have a great one. Text him!

16. Your cousin will be here this week...she's having a baby!! Quality time will be everything!!

17. Mommy is planning such a wonderful time for the holidays. She's the best. You have to help.

18. Ninon, Nikki, and Nidine. You are so proud of them. The best siblings EVER! You have the best family EVER!

19. Linda owe her a gift!

20. Wise words...

21. The Struggle...

22. Prayer works. God is REAL.

23. Be Beyonce

24. Style

25. The GlamSavvy Life

Remember who you are...ALWAYS!

Although I wrote it months ago, I can still count on this list to help me through difficult days. Taking a moment to remind yourself of your truths is a great way to remain focused and overcome challenges. Do you have any daily reminders? Share them below.

xoxo, Nia