Sunday Style


Happy Monday! I'm kickin' of this Monday with some Sunday style. Sunday is probably my most stylish day of the week. I love dressing up and heading to Church. My day job is in a warehouse. My style options are limited for my safety. On the weekends I can truly express my creativity and have some fun.

I love this skirt. I've worn it here and here before and each time it just worked. I paired it with my pale pink knit sweater, color-blocked heels and red coat. I felt great in this look, but I think it had more to do with my hair than anything else. I asked my sister to cut my crochet braids and she gave it this great shape. It really gave it new life, now I'm compelled to keep it for longer than I had planned.

Can we talk about the cold in NYC for a minute? I'm just so over it. This weather is compounded by the fact that it's impossible to shoot or get any work done. The life of a style blogger is never easy but the cold makes it significantly harder. Thankfully it warmed up yesterday and I got to shoot this cute look. I'm looking forward to spring...

Skirt: F21 Sweater: F21 Shoes: H&M Coat: My mom