Is the peplum here to stay?

IMG_4055IMG_4061IMG_4072IMG_4080IMG_4081IMG_4084IMG_4114IMG_4119 The peplum has a long history starting in the 1800s. It went largely underground in the 70s, resurfacing in the 80s and dominating fashion scene these days. Will it dominate for much longer?

The gaudy years of the peplum journey in the 80s is enough to make anyone skeptical but, just this past season the it was all over the runways.

So, I grabbed my dramatic peplum top and green pants and took them for a whirl. My hair really gave this look the edge it needed.

The peplum isn't going anywhere for a while, it has evolved and made itself relevant for centuries. It may have some underground years again but, it will remain a staple in many closets.

What do you think, is the peplum here to stay?

Stylishly Yours, Nia