Style & Confidence

Happy April!! We’ve been busy launching our apparel line, P&J Apparel. The line is all about celebrating the uniqueness of black women. Check it out here. IMG_0307

I’ve found that stylish people or people that take style risks often really exude self-confidence. This isn’t an indictment. There are plenty of people who care nothing about style that have high self-confidence. What I know for sure is that it takes a lot to stand out in a world that wants us to fit in. One of my college professors once said, “For a country that’s so obsessed with individuality, we all dress the same. Usually in some variation of jeans and a t-shirt.”

This dress stood out when I grabbed it from Jewel’s Vintage Closet last December. The pattern, the sleeves, and the cut are just so unique, that choosing it was a risk. It got the nod from everyone in the room when I tried it on, but it sat in my closet for quite some time before I finally decided to wear it.

The moment I put it on I knew it was what GSL feature Kaydene would call “a well-executed fashion risk.” There really isn’t anything quite like it to help build confidence. I was floating in this dress.







xoxo, Nia