Stripes on Stripes

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There was a time when stripes were against the rules for a plus size girl. Thanks to many plus-size bloggers that's a thing of the past. When I pulled out this skirt I got from H&M ($12.95), I wanted to go against the grain, but I couldn't come up with anything. Then I saw the top, a long sleeved tee from Target's Merona collection ($7 on sale), and thought "Stripes on Stripes!" Putting these two pieces together was pretty easy and a total no brainer.

If you're not quite ready for stripes on stripe, try incorporating stripes into your wardrobe as a great accent. Stripes are still very on trend for fall so you can find them just about anywhere.

Checkout GabiFresh's tips on finding the perfect stripe for you here.

With that said, I'll continue taking my stand against the myths about plus size fashion. Join me and wear some stripes!