Something Old


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I tend to overlook old pieces but I'm less eager to do so these days. My dress, belt, and denim shirt in this look are very old. But, they gave me new life when I paired them with thigh high socks and my boots.

I've thrown out or given away so many clothes from my closet and then later regretted it. I've started fashion hoarding, my closet is spilling out all over the place...I can't help it.

I'm hoping to use my organizational skills to get that in order, but in the meantime I'm having fun digging up something old.

P.S. Doesn't snow look beautiful...I'm OVER it!! Get gone snow!

Dress- Old Denim Shirt- Old Boots- Lola's Shoetique Socks- Forever21 Parka Jacket: I borrowed from my sister. It's too cute to leave it alone.