Six reasons why it's important for Black women to meditate

Meditation is something that’s on the rise within wellness groups for people of color. As Black people, we endure far too much to not take our health seriously and make it a priority. By focusing on the power of meditation, you can take you mental, emotional and physical health to the next level.


So why is it so important for Black women to meditate? Women of color endure so much racism, conscious bias, misogyny and more that it all becomes too much to bare. We deal with this in the workplace, out shopping, at school and pretty much wherever we go. By learning to meditate, you also learn how to not let the harsh realities of the world negatively affect your growth as a person. It’s not fair to yourself to not put your healthy before anything else, especially your mental health. Being health in your mind body and spirit is what’s going to give you the strength to excel in your business, school and life in general.


Here are six benefits of meditation that all Black women should consider:

Improve mental capacity. There are harsh effects that come with dealing with your reality as a Black woman, that often come in the package of a disease. Depression, hypertension and cancer have all been linked to dealing with biases in our daily lives. Meditating can help you deal with the emotions that your life may trigger.


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Bring positive thoughts. When you clear your head and detach from all of your stresses, some happy thoughts are sure to come to mind. Meditation brings more positive thoughts to your mind as you silence your brain to reflect on the good in your life and focus on the positives.

Better focus and concentration. It takes a great deal of focus and concentration just to meditate, so once you’ve got that down concentrating at school or work should be easy – or at least easier. This reason alone could be a great one to start meditating – get more done by boosting your productivity and focus. It takes special focus to completely but consciously zone out, this could be the trick you’ve been missing in your professional life.

Fights weight gain, immune regression and anxiety. According to Financial Juneteenth, there is a physical change in the body during meditation - reducing cortiso. Cortisol is the stress chemical tied to anxiety, blood sugar irregularity, weight gain, immune system repression, gastrointestinal problems and more.

Increased self-awareness. As you reflect on your day, month or year, you also have time to become more aware of the person you are and the person you want to be. Personal growth is a beautiful thing but it only comes from self-awareness and mindfulness. Meditation helps you to achieve these by connecting with yourself in a new way. Other times you connect with yourself it’s through movement, music or speaking. But when meditating, you are completely still and quiet, taking your awareness to new heights.

Slows aging. We know that Black doesn’t crack, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take precautions. Meditation is relieves stress, and bad aging can come from constantly being stressed out. Slow down, take some time off and get into some meditation – do it for the love of good skin.

Have you ever tried meditation? What tips would you give to first timers?