Simply Blue

IMG_2364IMG_2366IMG_2369IMG_2380IMG_2384 Last week, Nia showed us how to rock a crop top but I was leery to try one. I've been very vocal about my insecurities, but I'm working hard on embracing the skin I'm in.

It's deeper than just a fashion statement for me, all my style moves lately have forced me to embrace ME for ME. Fashion can be powerful in that way.

Here are some tips that helped me pull off the look:

1. Try A Few On:

There are many types of crop tops available; try a few on before you settle on the best one for you.

2. Consider the Bottom:

Before jumping the broom with this trend; consider what bottoms you have in your closet that will compliment the crop top you purchase.

3. Don't be afraid to show a little skin:

As a curvy girl, we're often shamed into covering ourselves up. REBUKE that! Plus a little skin never hurt anybody.

Rock on ladies! Try a crop top.