Serena Williams' Powerful Open Letter to Women Inspires Fans to Dream Big

Serena Williams is undoubtedly one of the best athletes of all time. Yet, there are still some who would deny her of this claim because she is a woman. The world has watched her since the 90’s rise as one of the best American tennis players and most influential celebrities. She’s won 36 total grand slams, 6 Australian opens, 69 singles titles, 22 doubles titles, 6 US opens, 3 French opens, 4 gold medals, 6 Wimbledons and so much more. Despite her credentials, Serena is often questioned and challenged for the simple fact that she is a Black woman.

Photo: The Times 

Photo: The Times 

The sexism women face in their careers isn’t the easiest thing to push past, and she knows that better than anyone. Serena Williams wrote a letter to her fans and posted it on her Instagram this week:


She opens the letter by explaining how women should all dream big, and never give up on those dreams. She picked up a tennis racket at three years old and never put it down. Serena explains that her entire career has been a test of her resilience - using that fact that’s she’s a Black woman to her advantage, instead of feeling sorry for herself.

Serena states that everyone should be judged by their accomplishments and not by their gender. Women shouldn’t have to get paid less for the same work that a man will get paid more to do. Being a woman isn’t a “flaw”, as she says or a disability, but who we are and it should be embraced.

As women, we need to learn to go boldly and confidently in the direction of our dreams and teach the next generation to do the same. With this open letter, Serena Williams encouraged all women to fight for their dreams, because despite the obstacles, they can come true.