Savvy Move: Introducing Keisha Cane

20130301-065255.jpg 1. Who is Keisha Cane?

Keisha Cane is a delightful new character for young readers. She learns life lessons through mistakes and mishaps. In our first book, Keisha Cane and Her Very Sweet Tooth, Keisha's infamous sweet tooth strikes in the middle of the night and she breaks a cookie jar, sparking a laughable chain of events. Little readers will be able to predict Keisha’s next mishap and will also learn a valuable lesson about making (and fixing) mistakes.

2. Why did you decide to write a children's book?

I fell in love with children’s books while teaching kindergarten and first grade. I wanted to combine my first love, writing, with my new love, teaching. I truly feel this is my calling and I have been unbelievably blessed through this creative process.


3. Keisha Cane is illustrated by your sister April. The colors and patterns are so vibrant and beautiful. Can you tell us a bit about her inspirations and process?


April is an amazing artist! I love working with my sister. Our illustrations are hand crafted and delicately cut with high-quality paper. We love African inspired prints, so we chose vibrant colors, patterns and textures. Our collage technique allows us to layer texture and add depth/interest to our scenes.


4. What does the future look like for Keisha Cane?

Very Bright! We want to continue this book series and branch out into toys, apps, movies and television. I want little readers across the country to know Keisha Cane!

5. How can our readers support this amazing project?

We are wrapping up our Kickstarter campaign, there is only 10 days left to pre-order your copy! Readers can visit and our site will take them to

6. In addition to writing Keisha Cane, you recently started Kifani Incorporated...tell us about that.

My sister and I decided to step out on faith and publish on our own. So, we founded Kifani, Inc. Our company is committed to creating unique, high-quality consumer products that uplift, motivate and inspire. Our first division, Kifani Press will specialize in crafting quality books for our niche markets. In the next ten years, we hope to expand our reach through five divisions: books, film, art, entertainment and interactive media.

7. Where do you see Keisha Cane and Kifani, Inc in 5 years?

We hope that Keisha Cane is in the hands of millions of little readers, teachers and parents across the globe. We hope her beautiful brown face pops up on bookstands, televisions, movie screens and computer devices. We want Kifani, Inc. to grow so that we can provide jobs for the community, invest in our neighborhoods and help other authors turn their dreams into a reality.

We can't wait to get our copy of Keisha Cane!!