The best productivity hacks practiced by successful CEOs

Making the decision to be productive is easier said than done. The truth is, no one is above doing the work – even the people who seem to have already made it. For those of us who have side hustles, it can be really hard to get into the groove of doing more work after a full day. The people who are most productive when working are those who only work for 52 minutes at a time and then take a 17 minute break afterwards. In today's hustle and grind society, burnout is glorified, breaks are limited, and self-care has become a buzzword. Sleep deprivation has cost companies in the U.S over $60 billion in lost productivity. So Imagine how much energy and money sleep deprivation is costing us. I’m sure we’ve all wondered how the top entrepreneurs and executives did to get to where they are, and how they kept focus when there are a million distractions all around.

Photo: Reader's Digest 

Photo: Reader's Digest 

Here are some tips from some successful CEOs and professionals on what productivity hacks work best for them:

  1. Airplane Mode – Disconnecting from the internet and social media is sure to do the trick when you’re trying to be productive. Bryan Guido Hassin, who is a university professor noticed that he was always most productive when he was on long flights abroad. He then dedicated days even when he wasn’t flying to being “airplane days” that he would unplug from everything, put his computer in airplane mode and just get work done. If you know you can’t be trusted to stay connected and stay focused, this could be the perfect hack for you.

  2. Do the hardest task first – When we have something on our to-do lists that we’re dreading getting to, chances are we will put it off until we absolutely have to have it done. Alok Bhardwaj, founder of Hidden Reflex, says he starts each day tackling his least desirable task on his list. When the hardest thing you have to do for the day is done first thing in the morning, it allows you to have a smooth sailing day, which will make you happier of course. Studies show that happiness makes people 12% more productive.

  3. Don’t waste desk time – If there are small but tedious and time consuming tasks you can get done on the go – do it. This includes reading emails, surfing the web and taking phone calls/meetings. Don’t waste time at your desk doing the things that don’t need to be done at your desk. Use the time you are actually working to get the real work done, and not the small jobs. Entrepreneur Gokil Nath Sridhar recommends this as his favorite hack.

  4. Do social media the right way – Did you know that you could make your Facebook friends acquaintances temporarily? Roman Grigorjev, the brains behind said that by doing this, he only receives the most important updates from his friends and therefore only has about 5 posts on his feed. Not having to sift through hundreds of posts will save you tons of time and make you more productive. So if you’re someone who really can’t resist checking what’s new on your timeline, this could be the thing for you.

  5. Distance yourself – Whether this means ending recurring meetings that are redundant or taking one day off each week where you have no meetings, this is really something to consider. Dustin Moskovitz, the co-founder of Asana and Facebook, has implemented “no meeting Wednesdays”, so everyone in the company has at least one day to work on their projects. Being able to work uninterrupted may be the best productivity hack of them all.

It is so important to know what works for you personally, because when it comes to doing the work, nothing is one size fits all. Once you figure out what gets you into work mode, you become that much closer to dreams because the work no longer turns you off. The people who are able to find ways to push past the feelings of being tired, unmotivated are the ones who ultimately find success. What are some tricks for producing your best work that you practice?