Either pretty or smart?

OCTOBER (1) I've always been the smart girl. The leader. I guess I have my mother to thank for that. My family tells legendary stories of my mom carrying me on her hip as a baby and teaching me words from my surroundings. Before I could even speak. She gifted me with every book she could get her hands on and served as her generation's only secondary school and college graduate.

She also carried a large amount of my family members on her hip on a teacher's salary. She's led us through the difficult years and brought us together when tragedy struck - all while being the epitome of grace and style. She still is.

I've always known that women are capable of being both glamorous and savvy. I guess I have my mom to thank for that, too. I was never taught to be either pretty or smart. My mother nurtured both my brains and my self-image.

I begged her for a relaxer since I knew what it was. She said no and reluctantly gave in when I turned 12. Her trips to the US resulted in me having all the latest fashions. For church on Sundays, I was the belle of the ball. Big dresses, shiny shoes, and my gold chain. For carnival, she had the best dresses made for me to wear to the festivities and egged me on as I "wine down de place" with my cousins. As soon as school resumed she expected nothing less than first in my class. Yep...that's my mama!

She taught me how to be a WHOLE person. So in rare occasion, I have to disagree with Adichie. Many women are taught to be both pretty and smart. I do recognize that my mother's job became significantly more difficult when I joined her in the US. For most of my teenage years here in the states, I was one of the smart girls. The requirements to be a pretty girl in the States seemed so much higher. Let's see..."good hair", nice body, pretty face, nails done, brand name clothes, the attention of boys and most importantly you couldn't care too much about your grades or reading. That wasn't me. It was just much easier to study hard and get good grades, but I never lost my connection to the idea that women can be many things at the same time.

There is no reason why we can't have the brains to run the world with a great sense of style and twerking abilities. At the core of it, this is why I started this little blog. GlamSavvy is the manifestation of an ideal that I was taught and experienced first hand. Women are EVERYTHING!

Stylishly Yours, Nia