IMG_2330IMG_2341IMG_2347IMG_2351IMG_2356 Neutral can be defined as "having no strongly marked or positive characteristics or features." I beg to differ...these pieces while neutral in color definitely have their own "strongly marked characteristics," especially the skirt.

It has so many components that makes a girl smile. There is tulle, embroidery, and a dreamy color. What else can a girl ask for?

What's neutrality anyway? It's nice as an idea, but does it really exist?

Nia and I were recently discussing the idea of neutrality. We concluded that it shouldn't be required of humans. To ask a human to be neutral is essentially...inhumane.

Together, we've learned so much about people in the past year. Most importantly, is recognizing each and every person's humanity. It's that thing that Jesus was so good at.

Requiring neutrality is asking someone to remove their emotions, their opinions, their values, and their attachments. It dehumanizes them in a way that we both agree just shouldn't be done.

So, remain neutral by picking up a few neutral pieces to wear, otherwise take YOUR stand. Its human to be partial and...that's ok. It's also human to change your mind or flip flop...that's ok too.

xoxo, Linda