My Home, Grenada




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Grenada is a tiny island in the Caribbean, tiny is no exaggeration - a dot on the world map. Known as the Spice Isle, it is one of the largest exporters of spices. Grenada is a famous tourist location and every year thousands flock there for an amazing getaway.

But, for me it's home. I grew up on a hill on that tiny island surrounded by family and so much love. We didn't have riches but we had each other and that made my childhood very rich. It doesn't matter how far we've come from latrines and coal pots, I would do anything for just five minutes with my grandmother on that hill again.

Last summer I made a trip home after 15 years...yes 15 years! My immigration journey was a very long and painful one - I'll write about that at another time. The most painful part of assimilation is, that a part of your identity slowly dies. I've quietly hung tight to parts of my culture. During the trip I felt a rebirth, the love and passion for my culture that was laying dormant came alive again. There was a magic in that trip. I feel so connected to my culture again, it's like I just got of the plane at 12 years old with my cassette tapes with soca music and my grandma at my side. It's getting really loud again (maybe it's the soca music), I'm so proud to be Grenadian.

Today is Grenada's Independence Day. Grenada was invaded and passed back and forth between many colonizing European countries, finally it was colonized by Great Britain for 200 years until we gained our independence in 1974.

Happy Independence Day, Grenada. This #islandgirl loves you and rejoices in your freedom!!

xoxo, Nia