Maricia Josephs on the Relaunch of Musings of Krav


I'm a long time fan of Maricia Josephs and Musings of Krav. Maricia was actually on the panel for the very first Creative Smart Girl twitter chat. Last week, when she relaunched Krav, I was excited to check it out. The new site is feminine with an edge. It's super stylish and speaks to the cool girl in all of us! 

Not only does Krav have incredible interviews with amazingly creative and smart women, the features on the site are fantastic. You can find career advice, internship and job postings. I wanted to talk to Maricia about the relaunch and the future of Musings of Krav. 

Creative Smart Girl: Congratulations, on the relaunch of Musings of Krav, what inspired the message 'We Dream in HD?'

Maricia Josephs: Thank you so much! When I was rebranding, I realized that the young women who I follow and those who follow Musings of Krav are women who have colossal size dreams. When you have dreams that ambitious, you cannot look at them from an ordinary perspective. The vision that we have for not only their dreams but ourselves as professionals is very clear. And I don't mean clear as in perfectly planned out, but more so in regards to knowing the impact we want to leave with our career paths. My readers see and believe that the possibilities are endless and they know that with hard work and preparation, goals are attainable. This comes from the unique and vibrant vision they have for themselves. We dream in HD

CSG: Love that! Tell us about some of the new features of the site, and which ones are you most excited about?

MJ: Most of the features are the same, just more streamlined and sophisticated. The few other new ones have yet to hit the site, they're a surprise. We have an awesome career style feature debuting shortly, I can tell you that much. However, our 'MOK Groove Series' is new and probably one of my favorites! I've assembled some of the coolest DJ babes to create music mixes geared towards every career mood you can think of. The first groove is the interview groove; it includes a mixture of music to help you get ready for your interviews.

CSG: That sounds amazing! I can’t wait to listen to catch all the vibes. You've had some incredible interviews including Vashtie Kola, Solange Franklin, and Kai Avent-Deleon what's it like literally interviewing inspiration and why is so important for young women of color to know their stories?

MJ: It's quite interesting interviewing these women. You would think that it would be intimidating and scary but it’s the complete opposite. When the conversation starts, my heart is jumping out of my chest but after 5 minutes, it's like I'm talking to a friend. With every interview, I realize that these people I look up to were once just like me and you. And in some ways, they still are. They had a dream, decided to go for it and they stopped at nothing to make it happen. They've faced struggles and overcame them. It's important for young women of color to know their stories because it's easy to feel like you might never be successful like them or think because of your hardships that you're alone. But, when you read their stories, you see that there is more of a connection there than you think. You also see that your obstacles don't define your path. But most importantly, you see these women work hard and shine despite the adversities they may face.

CSG: Beautifully said. You're incredibly passionate about young women following their dreams especially in the realm of fashion and journalism, another one of your key messages is 'Apply Anyway' why is that so important for young women wanting to break into the fashion and journalism industries? 

MJ: I believe life is way deeper than what we witness on the surface. Everyone has a purpose and a path. Many times we get in our own way and chalk it up to being "realistic." You cannot be realistic when following your dreams. To dream is to believe in magic in a way because you're trying to beat odds and make the unthinkable happen. Like I mentioned before, you cannot look at your dreams from an ordinary perspective. So many young women read job and internship descriptions and because they don't meet every single requirement, they give up. It is not up to you to disqualify yourself from an opportunity. You never know who can see potential in your experience and who wants to take a chance on you. In fashion and journalism, it gets very hard to break in. So you need to be knocking on every door you see. That one you walk pass may be the right opportunity for you. It's always better to take the chance than to pass it by. So apply anyway.

CSG: What can we expect from you and MOK in the future? 

MJ: More great interviews and more resources for success. You can expect a lot of expanding. Musings of Krav is going to be one of the go-to platforms for career inspiration. We still have a lot of growing to do, but that's the best part and I want everyone to grow with us.