Love + Vintage Dresses

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There is something in the air about 2016. Everyone just seems so focused and determined to push their goals forward. I'm thrilled to have found other #creativesmartgirls ready to change the world. Let's do it!!

Love. That's the only way to describe how I feel about vintage dresses. I've worn one here, here and here on the blog in the past. The prints, cuts, fabric, and fit all combine to add such uniqueness to my closet.

It seems the vintage trend is on it's way out but not for me. I will continue to wear them long after many no longer care. I've turned to vintage dresses for so many occasions including weddings, birthday dinners, and countless Church events. There isn't a vintage dress in my closet that I don't completely adore. Shout out to my love @jewelvintagecloset for always lacing me with these goodies. I truly feel like a woman in vintage dresses.

This is it's second appearance on the site. I love the femininity of this dress, paired with the edge of the leather jacket and strappy sandals.

Are you a fan of vintage dresses?

Dress: ASOS (similar Jacket:Forever21 Shoes:Lolas Shoetique (similar)