Last Hurrah


After being off from school for a month it's the start of the semester again (that went by so quickly!). In this past month, I've taken some time not only relax, but to prep my brain for the coming year. I spent some time planning what it would take to achieve so my goals. Nia discussed this being the behind the scenes year and I couldn't agree more. It's important to make plans and set goals for the future, but it's crucial to do the work it takes to achieve said goals.

This look is my last hurrah before the real work gets underway. It's gonna be such a "serious" year, it's important to find fun in the small things - like dressing up! I do that best with color. This blazer is a statement piece and I can't say enough great things about it and it did't even cost me much. This won't be it's last appearance. The skirt I lifted from my mother's closet. She has some gems tucked away in there. Cheers to my last hurrah.

xoxo, Linda