Jewel K. Jordan

5 (2) Great style and savvy business skills are one thing, but a beautiful soul is quite another. Jewel K. Jordan has all three. As owner of Jewel's Vintage Closet (JVC), she provides a haven for vintage connoisseurs in the heart of Brooklyn. JVC shoppers not only leave with a handful of vintage dresses at great prices but they also leave feeling as if they've gained a new sister-friend in Jewel. We're excited to share her glamstyle and thrilled to have her on the GSL team.

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GlamSavvy Life: You are incredibly warm, gracious, and kind. How do you protect that spirit? Jewel Jordan: It may sound like a cliche, but it's the God in me. And it's also my upbringing. My mom always instilled in me and my sisters to be kind and loving and to always exude the character of Christ.

GSL: How would you say that aspect of your personality translates into your personal style? JJ: My style is basically what I'm feeling in the moment. I hate to be predictable and I try not to look like everyone else.

GSL: What are your top two style influences? JJ: Definitely the 70's and 80's eras and flowers.

GSL: How about your style icons? JJ: First, my mother. I have a few fashion icons like Tracee Ellis Ross, Solange Knowles, and Farrah Fawcett. I love them because they're not predictable and their style is timeless.

GSL: What are your keys to great personal style? JJ: Being true to who you are and what you like, regardless of whether it's "in" or not.

GSL: When did you discover style and how has yours evolved? JJ: I always loved style and I always knew I wanted to do something in fashion, but my love for it came at the age of 17 when I really started defining my own personal style. I used to be only into vintage clothing and shoes, but now I've learned to mix my pieces up. I'd wear vintage pieces with modern pieces. Also, I wear a lot of black, which may come as a surprise to a lot of people, but it's so elegant.

GSL: Which pieces in your closet can you not live without? JJ: My floral dresses!!!! I love everything floral, but my floral dresses I cannot live without.

GSL: Where do you shop and what are your favorite brands? JJ: I shop at vintage boutiques and online at asos, Zara and a host of other online stores like them.

GSL: Do you have a specific routine to help you decide on a look? JJ: Yes, it may sound weird, but I would lay down and think about how I want to look, my current hairstyle, how I'm feeling and then the outfit usually comes together from there.

GSL: Why did you start JVC? JJ: Jewel's Vintage Closet was founded and inspired by God. I remember clearly being at a place in life where I wanted God to reveal what he wanted me to do with my life and one day he literally spoke to me and told me to start selling vintage clothing - and I was obedient. 00111213

GSL: What challenges have you faced and had to overcome since starting JCV? JJ: Honestly, my confidence in my brand and getting others to love it as much as I do has been my biggest challenge. But mostly believing in myself.

GSL: Your tagline is "Vintage is more than what you wear, it's a state of mind." Tell us about that. JJ: Vintage isn't just clothes to me. It's me, it's my mindset, it embodies who I am. I'm an old soul with fabulous taste in clothing who isn't afraid to do what she wants, speak her mind and just live her best life.

GSL: Preach! How can GSL readers begin incorporating vintage pieces into their wardrobe? JJ: If you're new to vintage, I'll suggest you start with vintage accessories. They can add the vintage touch without being too much.

GSL: How can our readers support JVC? JJ: Follow me on my social network sites and shop on my website when it launches.

GSL: Share your best advice for developing personal style. JJ: Be honest with yourself about what you like and what looks best on you and then start building outfits that best represents you.

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Stylishly Yours, The GlamSavvy Team