It's Just Different


I'm back!! I was on a hiatus and for good reason. Two weeks ago, I flew out to Haiti on a health mission trip. It was a tremendous experience with so much to unpack and really think about. So, after returning last weekend, I found it difficult to start writing about style again and decided to take another week off to work on other projects.

As a style blogger, I'm a bit disconnected from the fashion world. I find it difficult to worship an industry that doesn't seem to appreciate women that aren't white, tall and skinny. So fashion really isn't my thing - style is. After being bombarded with images from New York Fashion Week, I had to remind myself of why I blog. It's not for the fashion shows or free swag, but it's in hopes that women of all races, economic classes, shapes, and sizes can sign on to GSL and know that while what they see at fashion shows may not be accessible, style is always accessible.That's the thing about purpose: it forces you to stay on YOUR path.

For us at the GlamSavvy's just different!



I'm wearing a vintage dress from Jewel's Vintage Closet, paired with my faux fur jacket and H&M pumps.

Sometimes all you need for great style is a vintage dress and some pumps. It makes all the difference!

Stylishly Yours, Nia