It's A New Season


Spring arrived almost a month ago, but this past weekend it finally started to feel like it here in NYC. After the winter we just had, this season is a welcomed change both for the weather and my life.

As winter turns into spring, my life is turning from a really dark place and I’m welcoming the light. The truth is I wish people would allow the light to come in without feeling the constant need to pull me back into darkness.

There are always those people that are just toxic and cruel but you learn to expect that, and nothing they do surprises you. Then there are the people that REALLY love you and they hurt for you so much they want you to fight. They want you to run smear campaigns and they want you to get angry…I’ve refused. Instead I focus on what’s GOOD. I sit in my purpose which is such an amazing valley that God has gifted me with.

This is for the people that really love me and I really love them...I’m asking you all to come with me into the light. All that other STUFF is GARBAGE. Nothing GOOD comes out of it. So I just won't do it.

The thought of you carrying any shame, hurt, or anger is more painful than anything else about this awful time in our lives.

I don’t know why I’m this way, I don’t know why I find the hope and good in every situation that comes my way but I do. I count it as a blessing. God has truly made me an OVERCOMER.

This is by no means to say that I don’t need your love and support. I do! I just need it to focus on what’s GOOD! Help me change lives, support my ventures, and expose me to new experiences…

It’s A New Season, people!! Let’s revel in it. I LOVE YOU!!! This too shall pass…

Now about this outfit…





I literally wanted to wear something that would let the light in and this outfit does just that. It was fun, easy and light. The shoes really pulled the whole thing together. It was a good day.

Kaftan-Forever21 Shoes- Lola Shoetique Skirt- Target Top- My cousin's closet (lol)

I’m hoping everyone is taking this opportunity to let the light in! Focus on what’s GOOD!

Stylishly Yours,