Isn't She Lovely


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Yesterday was my mother's 47th birthday! I know...isn't she lovely? Obviously, my mother is a huge style influence in my life. We fight all the time about me wearing her clothes. I mean, can you blame me!? She has fantastic taste. I still remember the impeccably made suits she wore as a teacher growing up in Grenada. Her looks were a sight to be seen, it seemed like the entire village would come out to see her strut to work each morning. One of the principal reasons I wanted to follow in her footsteps and become a teacher. The other reason...I just wanted to be like my mommy.

My mother's heart and sacrifice are the towers I stand on. Thank you mommy for all you've done for the family. You are a game changer and our family will be celebrating your resilient spirit for generations to come. I love you. Through it all...we will remain.

Mom's Dress: EYVETTE Boutique Mom's Jacket: Old Navy Shoes: Shoedazzle

Look out for the deets on my look tomorrow.

xoxo, Nia