Irony in Philadelphia

I was definitely the anti-tourist in Philly last weekend. We didn't visit the Liberty Bell or the LOVE statue, and intentionally drove right by the Rocky steps and statue. Instead I searched for murals, made new friends, played hopscotch in heels and ate soul food not a cheese-steak. IMG_2472


There are so many awesome murals in Philly. A quick Google search and you'll find quite a few to visit if you're in the city.

We started the trip in Germantown where I found the above mural. It was a depiction of healing through faith and spirituality.


Just a few steps over was this mural, I was so annoyed it was in a parking lot. I still got some great pictures, but annoyed nonetheless.



After Germantown, we headed over to Brewery Town to check out another mural depicting Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Ella Baker, and Frederick Douglas. I'm not going to pretend to know anything about politics or life in Philadelphia but right there in Brewery Town with the mural of Malcolm, Martin, Ella, and Frederick black people are being pushed out of their neighborhood and developers and white people are moving in.




On the blocks that were not yet gentrified the houses were dilapidated. We stumbled upon these kids playing hopscotch and joined them for the game.

As I played with the kids and their grandmother explained that her nephew painted the street with the games, I was reminded of the resiliency of black people, the hypocrisy and shame of America and the irony of it all.

There I stood in the neighborhood with the mural of black freedom fighters, gentrified condos, dilapidated houses with a worn American flag hanging from them and I couldn't help but think...WHEN WILL IT END!?

I know that we muse mostly about fashion and style on here but there is nothing closer to my heart than the issues that face my community. I can and will do more. Stay tuned.

If you're interested in what I'm wearing. It's a separate pant and blouse I purchased from Beacon's Closet here in Brooklyn. The shoes are from H&M, I purchased them years ago.

Stylishly & Consciously Yours, Nia