I Love My Hair: Tasha Miller

Meet the beautiful...Mrs. Tasha Miller.


GS: Describe the relationship with your hair.

TM: Funny question. We have a love/hate thing going on right now. Depending on the day.

Some days it just won't act right and that frustrates me but other days I wake up to perfect hair without even trying.

GS: What do you love most about your hair? It's "trainable." If I part it enough on one side or do a particular style enough times it will go into those styles automatically. So certain styles become easier with time.

GS: Why did you go natural?

TM: At 14, my hair was very curly. My relaxers would never fully straighten my hair without causing damage. So I decided to just see what my hair would do without the chemicals.

It was not popular to be African-American with natural hair then and took me 2 years before I could talk my mom into it and just go for it. At 16 I cut it all off.


GS: Describe your transitioning period.

TM: Transitioning from relaxed to natural was super easy. I wore it super short so I could just get up and go.

Transitioning from natural to locs was more difficult. It took my hair 2+ years to fully lock. So I had to be patient and just deal with the "frizzy" years.

GS: Tell us about your hair care regimen.

TM: I use a conditioning shampoo (like cream of nature) and I use leave in conditioner by Carol's Daughter. I deep condition every 6-8weeks with Miss Jessie's hair mask. I'll get it retightened at the roots every 8-10 weeks and will get maintenance twice a year to remove the extra frizzes. Daily, I use an oil spritzer by Carol's daughter.


GS: What advice do you have for GS readers?

TM: Don't fight your hair!! It's really about the products. You shouldn't have to overload your hair on any product. If you do then that's not the product for you.

Try different creams, oils, mousses and foams. Once you find something that works. Stock up!


Pictures by Amy Hendy