I hate Shorts

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I not a fan of wearing shorts. I'm sure many of you can relate. If your thighs rub you know where I'm coming from. They ride up and create somewhat of a baby bump - not cute.

These shorts were no different but they are so cute I could not pass them up. I grabbed them from Jewel's Vintage Closet at her 'End of 'Summer clearance sale. This outfit was only $15 (Shorts- $10; Shirt- $5.)

The amazing price forced me to wear it the first time, although I knew it would not be the most comfortable experience. This time I decided to try something different- I wore my Spanx under my shorts. I convinced myself that it would prevent the shorts from riding up...I was so wrong. It actually made it worse! It wound up creating even more friction. I'll admit, it was a bit uncomfortable but I was cute...lol!

Beyond that, being paired with this light denim button down made it comfortable and chic.

I wouldn't suggest anyone do what I did but if you give it a try and let me know how it works for you! Do you guys hate shorts as much as we do?

xoxo, Linda