Fanm Djanm means strong woman in my native tongue, Haitian Creole. Inspired by Haitian women wearing head wraps while working. Paola Mathe created a collection of colorful and stylish head wraps to celebrate strong women from around the world.

As black millennial women, we've started to reject the strong black woman trope. We're a bit more of the #carefreeblackgirl these days. Do not fret, the FEEL of Fanm Djanm brand is definitely #carefreeblackgirl. When ever I see anything with the words Fanm Djanm on it, I'm reminded to be myself without a care in the world. Paola has done a great job of taking back what it means to be a strong black woman and I love it!

I actually had the privilege of meeting Paola a few months ago. We connected on our Haitian upbringing and big lips. I couldn't believe as beautiful as she is, she too was teased about her lips growing up. She even said we look alike. Thanks Paola!

I've tried many head wraps in my day. This one is definitely a favorite. I love the pattern, but most importantly I love the material. I'm not sure what the material is called, I love it because it bends and folds to your will. That makes it really easy to tie your head wrap into a style of your choosing.

I might be serving care free black girl realness in these photos but my reality is stressed out grad school student. It was a nice escape to get dressed up, and go on and enjoy a few care free hours with my bff.

Head wrap: Fanm Djanm Dress Fashion to Figure old (similar) Jacket: Ashley Stewart s/o (similar)

Check out Paola and her friends giving us life and discussing the Fanm Djanm brand below.

xoxo, Linda