How to make this your best summer with self-care practices

Self-care is a year-round job but it can look very differently during the summer than any other season. During the rest of the year, we’re stressed out over deadlines, keeping our homes together and progressing personally. Burt the summer shouldn’t be about freaking out over anything, but rather relaxing and getting in touch with yourself.


Plus summer comes with its own stresses, such as keeping out of the heat, balancing work with life and staying healthy. If there’s any time when you should be just focused on making yourself happy and growing as a person, it’s the summertime. Declare summer 2017 as the year you finally put yourself first, and began to be selfish with your time and energy for the sake of self-care. At a certain point, you’ll realize that some things are just not worth constantly being drained and upset about.

Make this your best summer yet with these self-care strategies:

Read a book. Reading a book can be very therapeutic. When you’ve had a long day and just want to escape, or need time to yourself, picking up your favorite read can be just the trick. So run a hot bath, pick up your favorite magazine or novel and take a load off.

Have a drink. There’s nothing wrong with coming home during the summer and enjoying a homemade frozen margarita – or whatever you like to drink. Believe it or not, having drinks in moderation is self-care.


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Take a mini-vacation. You don’t have to go somewhere far or expensive, but even just going an 3 hours away and checking yourself into a nice hotel can feel like a vacation. Taking a small trip for a weekend getaway, isn’t something that you even need to extensively plan or spend on. Getting away from all of the madness is always a good form of self-care, whether it be solo or with friends/family.

Go outside. Take a walk. It’s as simple as that. Go outside and get some fresh air throughout the day. Fresh air is so important when you’re stressed out, especially in the summer time. Don’t spend the summer cooped up in the house, especially when things aren’t the best. Go on a scenic walk and learn to appreciate the small things.

Protect yourself from the heat. Wearing sunscreen, regardless of your complexion, is so critical. The summertime is all about relaxing and becoming the best you, but you can’t do that if you have burns or about to pass out from heat stroke. If the sun’s rays are especially hot one day, bring an umbrella, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen to go on your outings. Being healthy is a large part of self-care, so make sure you are protecting yourself from the not so glamourous side of the summer.

How will you be practicing self-care this summer?