How to embrace the major transitions in your life

There are many phases you’ll go through in life, and you won’t always know how to deal with all the changes. As we grow up, we move out from our parent’s home, we move back in, we breakup, get married, quit jobs, get hired, have kids and more. The key to a happy life is knowing that this is a journey, and not a destination.



We go through things not to end up in one place with one thing, but to be able to carry on and move on to the next adventure. We often fight change, but it’s usually those biggest decisions that bring about the most change, and for the better.


Whatever phase of life you happen to be going through, it’s important to keep a few things in mind to remain calm through it all:

Spend time with family and friends. Going through a major change in your life is one thing, but going through those changes alone is something completely different. If you’re blessed enough to have people in your life who love you, keep them close. Take the time to meet up with your friends or call your favorite cousin who you haven’t spoken to in a while. We are human beings, we live off of positive interactions with others. Not only will this make your transition period feel more seamless, but science says you’ll be happier too.  


Take time to reflect. This is also the perfect time to reflect on how far you’ve come in life. If you just, graduated college, moved to a new city or are starting a family this is the time to think about what you truly want out of life. If you aren’t happy about where you’ve landed, begin to strategize your exit plan or if you are, think about what it took to get there. Personal growth is a beautiful thing, and reflection can help you achieve more of your goals and deal with major changes.


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Get to know yourself again. Time alone is very important. There is no one you should be more investing in getting to know and learning to love than yourself. Spend time alone doing all of the things that make you you, and figure out who you really are and who you want to be.

Set short term goals. Transitioning into a new phase of your life means you’re making progress. It most likely took goal setting to reach this phase in your life and it will take more goal setting to reach your next phase. If you just got your first apartment, calculate how much you can begin to contribute to saving for a down payment on a house.

Let go of the past. If you’re unsure about the next steps in your life or aren’t sure if you’re where you’re supposed to be, try letting go of what you once knew. You’ll never be happy moving on from things, if you are constantly thinking about it. Be happy with where you are now and stop thinking about what could have been or any regrets you have. Be optimistic and look forward to the future and forget about what’s already behind you.


How do you deal with major transitions in your life?