How to Create a Daily Action Plan to Achieve your Goals

We all have big goals we want to accomplish, but instead of breaking your life down into 1-5 year plans, you should plan your days and not years to reach your goals. 

Image: CreateHer Stock 

Image: CreateHer Stock 


You have about twenty million things you want to accomplish and you need to break down your schedules into hours but all of the things you plan to do takes time. All of it is probably going to take years but all of those amazing plans that you have take all the blood, sweat and tears you conspire. How do you get it all done? How do you break it all down?  

This blog is going to give you all the keys to why you should plan your days in not years to reach your goals. Let’s start out with owning a business. That’s the big picture.

You’re amazing business is your outcome.. you cannot plan out a business in one day unless you’re REALLY committed. It takes years to get to the big picture, right? So, the reason you should take each day to plan out your big picture is that of the tedious things that go within it.  


You should consider your days as work hours. Clock in at 4 AM to 12 NOON, that is a full work day, or if you have a day job, then you clock in to work on your dreams accordingly. Sometimes thats after 5 PM to Midnight, that’s a decent six hours to work on the big picture.


I like having a schedule for myself, being that I work from home, I have to make sure I am using my time wisely. It is very easy to get side tracked at home when you have an entire 24 hours to yourself. Time to break it down to the second.  


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Productivity is very essential. Being productive can improve your work either. Take the first 1 hour planning out your week. Then break it down:


Monday - Draft Blogs

Tuesday - Collect phone numbers & emails, register domain name

Wednesday - File DBA for business & list in newspaper

Thursday - build email list, draft proposals

Friday -Write final draft for blogs & schedule

Saturday - Schedule final draft for  blogs

Sunday - REST


Sometimes these things take hours and sometimes they day only minutes but planning out your goals in days and not years will help you understand what utensils and ingredients you need to bake the cake. The final product takes work.


Not only will it help you succeed but it will help you figure out where you may need help. 


Goals are meant to be accomplished. Therefore, understand that you are not super woman and things cannot be done alone. Seek help and make schedules with intentions. By doing this you will make it easier for you to see the big picture. Also remember that great things take time. One day at a time.


How do you plan your days to ensure you achieve your goals? 

By: Brittney Parker

Brittney Parker was also known as Miss Parker is a Native of Southern California. Brittney began her career as a model and host for Seventeen Magazine’s runway and promotional shows which opened the door to partnering opportunities with brands such as Macy’s, American Eagle and Aeropostale. She also began creating content on YouTube for MissParkerTV and other YouTube content creators. 

In August 2014, Miss Parker was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called  Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. The illness has given her a drive and desire to learn more about the disease, to bring awareness and find a cure. Currently, Miss Parker is curating a platform for young girls called Visionista University. Her plan is to work with other Visionistas within the entertainment industry and to help create opportunities for other young women who are Visionistas and need to focus on their vision.